Thursday, June 4, 2020

You Have the Right to Love (Teachings for the Day After)

You have the Right to Love God, Creation, Others and Yourself

I am aware that many people try to do what they can or what they think is right in a way that they believe is full of love but they are wrong, again, since the only solution would be to educate to love.

Really, the only right that a human being should have should be the  Right to Love In this way, the rights of all other human beings would also be protected. Love, on the contrary, cannot be a duty because love is not an obligation but a disinterested choice, that is, that the duties would disappear.

Under or within the  Right to Love  everyone equally would be included all those minor rights that the human being believes today that they are unique and necessary.

So, until man realizes that love is the only right he needs, he will continue to fight and defend his "rights" and many of them complaining about their duties. Nothing will change in the world, since like any disease that is not removed from its roots, it will continue to produce new and different symptoms, new and different rights and duties, and nothing or very little love. Nothing will change in the world ...

The True Rights of every Human Being:
  • You have the right to love God. 
  • You have the right to think with love,
  • You have the right to develop yourself with love,
  • You have the right to love all other human beings,
  • You have the right to love yourself,
  • You have the right to work with love and for love,
  • You have the Right to Love the rest of Creation,
and also, you have the Right to be Yourself, that is, Love.

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