Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Reiki Principles ... and I will be completely Happy

The Reiki Principles. Just for today I will be completely happy

  1. Only for today I will not be angry
  2. Only for today I will not worry
  3. Only for today I will live in gratitude
  4. Only for today I will live with honesty
  5. Only for today I will respect every living being 

That each day be a "only for today I will comply with the Reiki Principles" and I will be completely happy.

The Reiki Principles were   selected by  Dr Mikao Usui  from among some 2,000 rules of life that the Japanese emperors had. These principles are a "spiritual medicine" that if you "take" it cures 85% of all diseases. The Reiki Healing System   is composed of two parts: The one would consist of 15% of the system and would be the channeling  healing energy by laying on of hands (although it can be sent at a distance, through breathing, with the power of the mind, the gaze and other techniques as well), the remaining 85% would consist of the  fulfillment  of The Reiki Principles  .
For much  healing  you  dés , if you keep getting angry,  I worried , complaining and  treat you  badly  you  and your neighbor, then you never will heal.

The principles are not an obligation, but  rather  a guide, a path, an advice and perhaps also a warning. Make no mistake, it is not a good healer who does not even know how to heal himself.

Fewer Reiki courses   (laying on of hands and distance healing) and more courses on Reiki Principles should be given   (none exist). What happens is that we like the easy things better and the  fulfillment  of the principles is an arduous task  .

I have to note that if it is true that  healing  works from the inside out and giving us  healing  we also change personally and spiritually, but it would be better if we consciously  put  something on our part to introduce the principles in our lives and try to be better people every  day .

Your Life is in your Hands, Choose to be Happy

"Just for today do not worry"
Worry weakens us physically and mentally in the face of future "problems", takes us off sleep and traumatizes us.
In all the history of humanity, no one has solved anything by  worrying , and we continue to worry. When we worry we send negative energy into our future and it is a symptom of little  faith  and little hope (virtues of the heart / love). When we worry we act with fear and not with love. Fear is the beginning of all diseases.

Just for today do not be angry"
Anger, aggressiveness, anger, unbalance the  sacral chakra  ,  causing us kidney problems, reproductive and urinary tract diseases. They also raise blood pressure and speed up the heart rate. With anger we create negative energies that can do a lot of harm to us and others as well.

"Just for today live in gratitude"
When we live in  gratitude  we are telling the whole universe, ourselves and God, that we are satisfied with life. If we are satisfied with life, then we are happy.
No complaint suffers most, but the  complainer Those who complain look down on and make a complex of themselves and all other people who  are "worse" than them. When we complain we also send negative energy into life and that life will be our life. Whoever complains insults God and nature, life after all. The complaint traumatizing wounding us our Solar Plexus and  getting sick  pancreas,  liver , spleen and stomach. It also takes away our self-confidence and self-esteem.

"Just for today live honestly"
Be  mainly  honest with yourself and also be honest with others, so you will not have to live with a bad conscience and suffer. Be honest, do not deceive  you , or others. Look to you In the mirror with your eyes open and see if you've been honored with yourself. "Poor those who have to hide their lies behind a physical body on the  day  of their death."
Is your life the one you would wish for your loved one?

"Just for today respect every living being"
Respect yourself , respect others and respect nature. You cannot love the Creator if you do not love creation. We are the creation, and if we harm the created we also harm ourselves. Creation will return what you  send it , be it good or bad. Don't dig your own grave and that of your children. Respect all living things.

My own principle is:
"Never promise what you are not sure you can deliver"
Article by Damian Alvarez at  http://sistemasanaciontinerfe.blogspot.com.es/

Damien Alvarez
Reiki Grand Master/Teacher

Monday, February 22, 2021

The fact that many people feel the Energy Body of others ... they do not have to be wrong

All Energetic Body, resonates in contact with other Energies.

We all have an energy body. All those who have studied the Human Spiritual Anatomy know well what I am talking about.
Sometimes I ask myself: How is it that doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, people who work in supermarkets, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, actors, ... in short, everyone will have to feel something, I say?
Well of course I do. Every day more and more people wonder why when their daughter's boyfriend comes home, their head hurts, or their heart or solar plexus, or why they visit a friend and end up with an acceleration of ".... "Or because they are with a patient and it ends up hurting the same thing, or having the same symptoms, or why shooting an advertising spot they end up anxious, nervous, with pain in their stomach, believing that they are when they have felt it from others.

Energetic Interaction happens daily.

 We all have children, women, fathers, mothers ... in short, people we know around us and who feel bad precisely because they feel about others. Many turn to antidepressant drugs, because they do not know how to explain a very simple law which is "that every energetic body, and the human being, is, resonates with other Energies".
For this reason, many people turn to drugs precisely to escape from what (apart from what they carry inside), not to feel the energies.
It is not about lulling the human being, or making them confused, or giving them medication as if they were taking away what they are going to feel. No matter how much they take anxiolytics, they will feel the same or worse. Mistaking is not a solution.
 Sooner or later, this inevitable reality will occupy the covers of magazines, congresses, television programs ... because it is incredible that at this point they do not realize the energetic interaction between humans.
This Interaction is happening faster and faster. They do not believe them when they tell their doctor, their psychiatrist, or their partner or psychologist, or their boyfriend, friend, father, mother.
Perhaps it is that many Institutions have remained silent because they must change an entire System, studies, ideas. They would crumble a reality that they took for real when it is not. Healing should be approached from another perspective, science would declare a Truth like a temple, Everything ... would change.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Jesus Christ and the Laws of Interaction and Energetic Resonance. New Publication of Damián Alvarez (already Available in "Amazon" for the whole world)

Jesus Christ and the Laws of Interaction and Resonance
A Book of Deep Soul Science

Why does no one dare to question the "Teachings of Jesus Christ", but if they question, judge, criticize his physical life? Simply because you can't. Perfect teachings cannot be questioned, and whoever did so would be ridiculed. Because who could question  "love your neighbor as yourself"  or  "he who gives food and drink to his neighbor is giving me food and drink" , or this phrase that I love  "so that they are all one as I, Father, in You, may they also be one in us.

We, the connoisseurs of the "Laws of Interaction and Energetic Resonance between Human Beings", know that Jesus Christ knew them for more than 2,000 years, and we understand their teachings. Mind and soul wise that of Jesus of Nazareth.

Perhaps, researchers, know that Jesus Christ was always right and will be right, and that not a single word can be refuted. Perhaps the researchers are so stupid that  "they have eyes and do not see, and they have ears but do not hear."  That is why they have always criticized the physical life of Jesus Christ but not his spiritual teachings, his spiritual life.

I do not consider myself an enlightened mind (far from it), but a person who has studied in a logical and totally objective way the "Teachings of Jesus Christ", so as not to make the mistake of making mistakes like everyone else has done so far, investigating subjectively, that is, full of prejudices.

What difference does it make if Jesus Christ got angry, what difference does it make if Jesus Christ was harsh with people, what difference does it make if Jesus Christ hung out with drinkers and criminals, what difference does it make if Jesus Christ was or was not the lover of Mary Magdalene, what difference did it make if Jesus Christ was or he was not homosexual. Perhaps you are not homosexual, you do not have lovers, you do not drink, you do not get angry, and that is why you think you are better than Jesus Christ?

I present the above to illustrate how biblical researchers have only been able to judge Jesus Christ according to their prejudices, taboos, and preconceptions, and only in a physical way, a very, very superficial way. Yes, that's how superficial are the investigations of those believed to be the brilliant minds of humanity. Nobody (except myself), has tried to investigate deeply the "true life of Christ", his life and teachings, always spiritual, soulful, energetic, deep.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Creation, Evolution or Involution. The Bible and the Theory of Evolution

... and God created Man in His Image and Likeness: Spiritual Being

How can we explain and combine the Bible with the scientific account? For example with the theory of the evolution of species, although I already know that it is only a theory, or with the theory of the creation of the universe. I know that God is great and that he does everything in a natural miraculous way, but I am very interested in what you think.

I used to say that "one thing never takes away the other." I don't know why some people believe that the biblical account of creation is at odds with the creation hypothesis. God created the world, and of course there must have been a process.

The bible explains this process in a linear, logical way for the human being, rather in a symbolic way as the creation happened in 7 days. Who knows how long 7 days are for God?

I know for sure that the human being can develop, can evolve (or regress), and not only spiritually, mentally, emotionally, sentimentally but also on a physical level.

Development of the Human Being with a Blocked Solar Plexus

For example, it is known for a fact that about 50 years ago human beings were shorter in height and had smaller foot sizes. 50 years ago no one had feet that fit size 45-46, and today you see a lot of young boys wearing those shoe sizes.

I also do not remember seeing in my childhood those huge, huge bellies, of men who rather seem to be pregnant in the ninth month, and that today seems to be normal. In the latter case, I see it as involution.

Think that it is only a few years, imagine how the human being could have changed in a period of thousands of years. This is something completely normal that does not contradict in any way that "God created man in his image and likeness." Note that we are talking about the image and likeness of God, his Energy, Light of Light and not a physical aspect that can change with the passing of time.

I myself, in a period of 10-20 years, have seen the physical appearance of my students and patients change. What I tell you is something normal. The physical body is sustained on a spiritual, emotional, mental and sentimental energy plane that affects the etheric plane which in turn affects the physical body. If we change the energy bodies of the human being, then with time the physical aspect will also change.

Human being. Spiritual Image of God, regardless
of the Canon of Beauty of different Epochs and according to Fashions

I give you some examples based on my experience:
  • The thighs of people who practice or receive healing are elongated. Metaphysically it means that their distant futures are lengthened, that is, that the more healing, the longer their lives will be, the more energy blocks are undone, the longer they will live, and it is logical, because it is the energy blocks that interrupt the flow of energy. vital energy.
  • The path between the Solar Plexus and the Sacred (path of personal fulfillment), shortens and the person deflates, the "beer belly" disappears. I have had cases where both my hands no longer fit between the patient's ribs and hips because of how small the waist has become. Metaphysically it means that the person in question will achieve their proposed goals quickly, easily because there are no more or no blockages that obstruct the path between "what I want to do and do it.
  • Another example is that people who dedicate themselves to healing have an enlarged thorax, chest. I put it down to the greater amount of love they channel. Some have floating ribs almost pink on the hips.
  • On the other hand, I have seen petite, stooped, small people who have grown, straightened up, and their breastplate has disappeared. I cannot give you any other explanation than the physical development caused by energy development.
  • I also know that there are human beings whose perversion, degeneration, criminality, change their physical appearance until they become almost monkeys (respecting such sweet animals, of course). What could explain (that Science has not even imagined), "retarded" human beings in a specific time of some branch of humanity ("Theory of Involution" by Damián Alvarez).

Primitive Human Beings? although not for that less Human

There it is. I only tell you my experiences based on reality but you can draw your own conclusions.

I have known for a long time, for sure, that a change in the energetic structure of the human being, over time will also produce a change in his physical appearance.

To summarize: The hypothesis of the evolution of species does not mean that God was the creator of these, in fact, science has never been able, can, and will never create and maintain life out of nothing as the Creator does.

Also say that the biblical explanation of the creation of the human physical body with clay (earth, water, air and heat), can be scientifically demonstrated that it is actually so. The human being contains in his physical body all metals, minerals, salts, water, gases, etc. that make up the planet Earth, but of course, God breathed the "breath of life" into that body of clay, that cannot be done by science.

Science has already shown that Man was created from Clay

On the other hand, we know that human beings, like all other species, live in dynamic development, otherwise they would regress or die, so it is completely normal for human beings to develop. We tend to believe that if God created us, it would have to be with the physical aspect that we have now, but the man of 2,000 years ago is no less "human" than the present man.

Regarding the creation of the universe, well, I'm not interested, I already have enough to learn and understand down here. The truth is that I don't care if the universe was created like this or like that. For me, the important thing is the human being on planet Earth and, of course, his relationship with God and other living beings, whether they are spiritual or not.

Anyway, be it because of the big bang or whatever, the creation and maintenance of the universe requires a higher consciousness, a very powerful force, after that miracle, and I know that this higher consciousness is God, who else?

Damien Alvarez

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Our Essence is Spiritual and Spiritual is Life

Everything is Spiritual

I'm not sure that many people understand the title of this article, even more so when the System in which they have lived has instilled in them the importance of the Physical. This error has led the Human Being to be where it is.
Our essence is Spiritual, but not because I say so that I can perfectly say, explain, demonstrate since those who have studied The Spiritual Anatomy of the Human Being, fully realize that it is so (see Spiritual Anatomy in the article of this same blog, under the title The Human Soul) but because Jesus Christ already said it and they did not understand it either.
Everything that happens in this life is Spiritual, and the solution to many conflicts and even existence itself passes through reasoning and Spiritual knowledge.

Our Energetic body, so unknown to Science, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine ... is in constant Resonance and Energetic Interaction from birth to death. For me one of the great achievements of my life, for example, has been to come to understand why when my ex-husband came home after work I would start a pain in my stomach, and a horrible headache, or when I was with my mother, they gave me tachycardia ... well, I simply understood and came to the conclusion that I, these symptoms, felt it from them, and this has happened to everyone and it happens to all the inhabitants of this wonderful Planet. For this reason, at this point in my life, I am not wrong and in a couple of years ... Science will prove me right ...
The Tinerfe Natural Healing System specifically to its creator Damian Alvarez, has given me the keys to be able to understand and understand exactly Everything mentioned above.

Culture that grew and lived Spiritually

For many cultures that were supposed to be "primitive", it was and is obvious to them. Everything is Spiritual and Spiritual Energy permeates Everything Created. We are all part of Everything and whether we like it or not, we cannot escape from Him.
The western culture that is supposed to develop, modern, advanced ... ignores but rather ignores it ... that the trees, the water, the seas , mountains, rivers, air, human beings, rocks, animals ... that is, EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS IS A MANIFESTATION OF THE CREATOR.

Since the creator is Spiritual, so are we.

Medicines cannot heal something that is rooted in the Spiritual. the day this is understood will be a big step to start talking.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Only in God is there life ... because God is love

No matter how many turns you give ... there is only one way, GOD

All wars, famines, violence, torture, human trafficking, drugs, pollution, deforestation, etc., etc. are created by man out of pure selfishness, envy, hatred, frustrations, rage, anger, vanity, pride ... and obviously whoever has a little common sense can distinguish what is Created by God and what man has created. Man has believed the lies of negative energies, which has taken him away from his creator until he reaches where we are ...

Your reflection has always been that of your creator.
Don't be fooled any more by negative energies.

The only way to undo all this chaos of dehumanization is to RETURN TO GOD ...... to return to LOVE.
                                    MAN LIVES IN GREAT CONFUSION

Love is the only language of the heart.

Love, God, does not understand this language because God is LIFE, not destruction, and Life only exists when you are with God.
If you are aware that in God there is only Life, only then can you live with Love, with Peace, with happiness and it is just that INTERIOR happiness that makes you feel happy.

When you remove the veil of illusion, you awaken to the reality that has always been there.
If you have "removed the veil of Illusion", you know well what I am talking about, because the only thing that exists is God and in God there is Love and goodness.

          The tragic thing is that man lives in a lie or that it is the same in an IRREALITY.

Love is magical because God is too.

Now, all those who read this article and think, (because it seems to be, that if you talk about God, you are already a sect ...) tell them, that they have a long, long way to go until they experience, understand, understand and be aware of what I have written.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The Healing Energies of God (The Energies of the Tinerfe Healing System)

God. Love, Eternal and Infinite Healing Energy

Remember that God is Love, the most powerful energy in the universe. God creates, maintains, sustains, recovers, heals, heals.
When you study the Charismatic Angelic Healing System you learn the different "qualities" contained in the Name of God Jehovah, different frequencies of the same energy. For example: "Jehovah Rapha" means, symbolizes, contains "God has healed".

I am aware that many modern "healers" do not even believe in God, you can ask them where do the energies they channel come from? The ones that I channel come solely and exclusively from God because it is from Him who I ask, and it is to him that I draw near, it is to him that I turn in my prayers for healing.
The "prayer of healing" is done precisely for that, to go to look for the healing energies (I find them in God), and to give instructions so they work according to the needs of the recipient.

Reiki. Divine Energy, God Energy, God Healing Energy

I am also aware that the modern western reiki healing system as it was introduced in Europe and America in a commercial way and they did not want to lose potential clients because it preached that reiki had nothing to do with God (they associated God with religions), so They defined "reiki" as universal energy, but "reiki" means divine energy, that is, energy from God, so the energies that are channeled during Reiki Therapies supposedly come from God.

I said "supposedly" because some Reiki teachers and therapists, in their prayers (if they do them), ask the universal energies, the forces of light, and even the energies of the planets. The Universe is great, and as you and I know, there are many energies in the universe, therefore, when the universal energies are asked, well, anyone knows what is channeling and where what is channeling comes from.

When, in my prayer for healing, I ask God, because I know where these healing energies come from, for sure, and who heals through me. There is no mistake, if I ask God, it is God who answers me. It is as if you, for example, call Pepe on the phone, because it is assumed that Maria is not going to answer but Pepe.

If you ask God, from God you will get the Healing Energy

Jesus Christ said that if we asked God for bread, then He would not give us a stone.

Nowadays, there are many weekend courses or workshops where anyone "becomes" a therapist or teacher in a few hours. These courses teach little or nothing about how to ask, from whom, how to protect, negative energies, negative spiritual beings, etc., etc.
Some also ask saints, angels and even supposedly ascended masters in their prayers. I am convinced that we should go to the Source and not drink bottled. I am convinced that we do not need intermediaries between us and God, but if someone asks a certain supposedly ascended guru in his prayers, I imagine that what he channels will come from there, another thing is that they are healing energies. I am very surprised by people who believe in the power of angels and saints rather than in the power of God. It seems to me a proof of total ignorance.

I have been a Healer for more than 30 years. I have always asked God. I have always worked for God. I feel completely safe working for Him. God is my Boss, I say it with "mouthfull", and I am proud of it.

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