Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Elixir of Eternal Youth, Perfect Health and Happiness

The Elixir of Eternal Youth. Healthy Man in Healthy Planet

  • 2 drops of Spirituality
  • 2 drops of Positive Thoughts
  • 2 drops Entertainment
  • 2 drops Satisfaction
  • 2 drops Creative
  • 2 drops Sexuality
  • 2 drops Nature
  • 1DL. of love
Mix well all the ingredients. 
Take a teaspoon Morning and Afternoon in a glass full of joy.
Nope, not abuse, the preparation is very strong!

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Great Age of Love Has Begun

The Great Age of Love has already begun

We realized that the only dignified way of living is watering creation with the source of love flowing from our inner divine essence and grow strong and healthy human relationships.

In all its aspects, in all its forms, love is the only way, love is the only alternative, simply because there is no alternative better love, there is no better alternative to peace, health and happiness.

We have also realized that the only way to improve the world is consciously expressing love and all alike, because we also have realized that we all love, and that we are all one.

It has raised our consciousness, uniting our souls in the conservation of nature, that is, towards ourselves, everyone and everything.

I hope and pray, really, and wholeheartedly, that every human being resurface your true self, and that one day we can read in the history books that "in 2015 began the Great Age of Love".

Damián Alvarez

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Monday, December 9, 2019

No Human being has ever Met the 10 Commandments of God's Law

How are you your "Killing" the Planet?

How these Commandments are developed in today's world? Like negative beings can confuse us, and they really are not doing things right. Hardly anyone kills, thank God, but our actions or inactions can lead to the same outcome.

I give you the reason in killing indirectly. That's right, no more no less. Of course, when we think of the word "kill" because we imagine with a knife or gun in hand, and that we do not, but you can kill in many ways: Every time we started our car're killing a native in the Amazon, for example.

Jesus Christ, a man very wise, we explained about the importance of our actions in favor or against other human beings, but few listened: "touch to your door and you opened me, I was thirsty and did not give me to drink, I was hungry and did not give me to eat, "and you ask me, when did that happen ?, and I will answer them (was Jesus Christ):" Every time I was denied food, drink and / or room to any human being, I denied it to me.

I tell you performed miracles and exorcisms in my name, and I will tell you: "Do not know".
A true children of God (human worthy of that description), will not be recognized for what they brag about what they have done or have not done for God, themselves, the planet and humanity, but will be recognized inside love having ... also he transcends love.

Sometimes not commit atrocities people, not for being "punished" death of God, but for fear of human justice, that although man is not murderer by nature, almost everyone has stolen some or otherwise, or he has thought of doing.

Honor thy father and thy mother. Honor thy son and your daughter

With the other Commandments happens the same but, in these examples, there is no turning back, but we sin directly, although we do not realize it: who glorifies the name of God ?. Who sanctifies the holidays? who loves God above all things? Who has not ever had a thought or impure desire ?, etc.

But one of the most tragic things (in my opinion), we suggest (again), if we should go back to the time when black and white, is "no longer honor our parents."

The human being has become so selfish that despises those who dedicated their lives, livelihoods, support, education, affection, warmth, love, and then going to demonstrate against climate change .. . becoming great heroes who, like Jesus also said "strain out a gnat and swallow a camel." Pathetic!

Almost no one like the commandments of God's law, in fact, many people make fun of them and belittle. The explanation for such forms of behavior because, against the commandments of God's law there are no arguments. You can not rebut not one of them. In addition betray all those saviors of the world, all impostors. It could not be otherwise, God is never wrong ...

Is not it strange that those who say they will save the world are against all and the one who really can do it?

To think, ...

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Commandments of God's Law are 100% Organic)

The Commandments of God's Law are 100% Ecological:
The Natural is as healthy, normal, natural and cheap, as Love

How these Commandments are developed in today's world? Like negative beings can confuse us, and they really are not doing things right. Hardly anyone kills, thank God, but our actions or inactions can lead to the same outcome.

There is much talk of not returning to the "black and white era". Surely we ought to return to those times where people sat on a stone and made his meal on some logs. What was formerly called poverty, it seems that is now a luxury such as the potajito eat vegetables every day.

Life, history, science, medicine, and the future is giving us reason. Natural is the most natural (science recently discovered (laughing)). So why work, fight (for many), all life at all, as they hear out there. Live to have a car, a computer, a television, and what else. We should live to keep the planet and keep us healthy and happy, or does it? It would be logical, natural.

With these examples, and thinking only in a couple of Commandments, as I give you the reason that negative spiritual beings have clouded his view of human beings, to be separated from God and self-destruct.

Not only are multinational or some gentlemen or ladies very rich and powerful, but all of us (me, every day less), which are self-destroying and destroying others, without realizing the importance of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Believing all the blame for everything everyone else is not included themselves in the equation of life.

... to be continue

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Who Meets Commandments of God's Law? Who Love God?

First Commandment of the Law of God: "Love God above all things"

How these Commandments are developed in today's world? Like negative beings can confuse us, and they really are not doing things right. Hardly anyone kills, thank God, but our actions or inactions can lead to the same outcome.

As regards the first commandment of God's law need not seek "three feet to the cat" because transcendence simply does not exist, but directly  not love God . Not that we think we love God and do evil in ignorance, but (and I repeat),  do not love God , to the contrary, many hate, blame him, you grudge keep him 'reproach , "they insult , despise not believe in their existence, etc., etc., etc.

Who loves God? When man does not even love himself, "fixing it" all antidepressants, alcohol or drugs. Deny God, trying again to "love" the new god "nature" when they are unable to get dirty nails planting a seed, and, just in case you are not dirty clothes brand or dropping the mobile phone hands.

Who loves God? When they, nor, not the shrines and churches, but faith and love for those sacred places that keep many people is respected.

People who are painted on a breast "God is crap" and on the other "virgin is a whore" shows (regardless of the faith of everyone who is entitled to it implies), that many people who say will save the world, indeed, they are destroying.

... to be continue

Friday, December 6, 2019

Who Meets Commandments of God's Law? Negative Transcendence of our actions Negatives

Who is aware of the significance of their actions?
We are all among nearly destroying the world

How these Commandments are developed in today's world? Like negative beings can confuse us, and they really are not doing things right. Hardly anyone kills, thank God, but our actions or inactions can lead to the same outcome.

That's right , no more no less. In fact, when Jesus was asked that "what we should do to inherit eternal life" because Jesus Christ said: Fulfill the commandments of God's law. In this teaching we can see two things clear: That fulfilling the commandments would live forever, but also that no one, until the day of the date has fulfilled the Commandments, if not, he would have lived forever, and that's not the case.

We do not kill but very few people remember those 6,000 children dying of hunger on the planet every day. We believe we are in solidarity, but we often forget to share, help, even the neighbor. We remember the children who died in that war almost a decade and, in Syria, not many people.

You want to save the planet? But do not manifest Plant a Tree

I see many people demonstrating against climate change but do not see anyone planting a tree . I, alone, do much more for the planet, that all those millions of people manifest themselves whenever planted a tree. And planted trees every week.

That through social networks are contacted to gather and demonstrate, how good !, or not. are they not realize that their computers, tablets and mobile phones are the ones who are destroying the Earth.

Who, today, dares to change the motorcycle or car for a donkey? As are those cars, motorcycles, fuel used and asphalt along which what is polluting the universe and poisoning humans.

Current wars where many people die almost always have a basic interest: maintaining control, a safe places on Earth where can circulate oil to be used as fuel for vehicles of the vast majority of people living in countries rich and not so rich. Yes, the "poor" people also want to be as "rich" as the people of the "rich" countries.

... to be continue

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Thy Will be done on Earth as in Heaven

Our father. Thy will be done on earth as in heaven

"Thy will be done on earth as in heaven"

With regard to this part of the prayer of the Our Father we should ask three questions:

First, is it not God's will is done on earth and not in heaven or refers to God's will be done on earth as it is done in heaven?
Second, should we wish that God's will be done because we need our power as beings created in the image of God so that God's will, and not only manifest on earth but also in heaven?
Third, If it is not the Will of God that is in the universe, the will of who we are following, manifesting?

It is clear that God's will is not manifested today on our planet. Insiders know that God's will is manifested either in heaven, at least at the lower levels of the spiritual world, where the fights happen between angels and demons.

Insiders also know that everything that happens on Earth (physical plane) is a repercussion of something that has already happened in the spiritual planes.

God's will is always love, in Heaven and on Earth

If there is war on Earth is because also in heaven, or in other words: Every time a war breaks out on Earth is because long ago began in heaven. This did not remove responsibility for what happens on the planet, but we should, therefore, be more responsible with our lives. Humans are also spiritual man also lives in the spiritual world, man also belongs to the universe.

The truth is, "and it's down is up and so as above, so below." The above premise teaches that we can affect the spiritual world with our actions, thoughts, feelings and emotions. It also teaches us that we can change the spiritual world consciousness from the physical plane.

Spiritual Warriors are often submerged in spiritual warfare on Earth, but they are also chosen by the angels, and with the permission of the Lords of Time, to engage in direct combat rebel angels at higher levels.

God is manifest in the earth through the Human Being

Also remember the words of Satan to God, "If I am not the God of the sky will be the god of the earth," or those others: "If you give me time back to every human being in Thy against (referring to God)".

Surely God has infinite ways to manifest His will on earth, but one of them is through human beings, "Let Thy will, not mine." We must ask, we must live according to God's will.

We are beings created in the image and likeness of God, therefore, just to be ourselves, we would be manifesting the Will of God on earth through our lives. We love if we ourselves, will manifest love on Earth, it will manifest on Earth God's Will (love), because God is love, and our seed, essence and life energy.

The Will of God manifest on Earth through my

Based on the above reasons, we see clearly aware that we have only two options: either we live by the will of God and live by the will of the devil. So anyone who does not live according to the will of God, is not that nothing happens, but it happens a lot: It is doing the will of the devil.

I wish with body, mind and soul that God's will be done both in heaven and on earth, at all levels, at all levels and in all dimensions, and that the will of God manifest on Earth through my life, so I ask:

Thy will be done on earth as in heaven "

Dedicated to my good friend Luis
Creator of Angelic Healing System Carismático

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