Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Metaphysics of the Solar Plexus. Direct Derived Symptoms of Solar Plexus Blockages

Metaphysics of Symptoms Associated with Sun Plexus Blockades
Insecurity in all its Aspects

Metaphysics of direct symptoms derived from blockages in the Solar Plexus:
Apart from the usual physical symptoms we can feel from blockages and imbalances in the solar plexus chakra such as pain in the chakra, heartburn, inflammation, feeling of emptiness, nervousness, nausea, anxiety, pancreatic problems, Etc., I have discovered throughout my career towards where it is directed and where it accumulates energy that does not flow through the blocked chakra causing pain first and then diseases in that area. Pain in the heart: The pains in the heart, if not due to interaction with people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or caused by the conscious sending of negative energies from the outside, that is, witchcraft, are usually due to two factors: one is fear, Another "the need to feel loved or loved". The two symptoms named above are "side effects" of the blocked Solar Plexus. The energy that does not flow through the Solar Plexus from the Heart chakra to the Sacral chakra literally bounces back into the Solar Plexus accumulating over the physical heart zone

Fear, bad habit that causes Cardiovascular Diseases

Anguish: Also due to blockages in the Solar Plexus and "path" between Heart chakra and Solar Plexus ("path of self-love"). Yes, the anguish is due to that insecurity that does not allow us to love each other. In this case, the energy of love that does not accept the Solar Plexus (ego) from the heart cahkra bounces from the Solar Plexus and rises directly along the Hara Line causing oppression and chest palpitations, arrhythmias and tachycardia, and reaching up to The throat chakra, where it produces a suffocating sensation of suffocation. Pain under the ribs: Blockages in the Solar Plexus that produce general insecurity. Energy that does not flow through the Solar Plexus accumulates in the lower part of the lungs, extending many times along the last ribs from the chakra to the back and up the side of the spine up to the neck, clear Is causing pain in the area or areas where it accumulates in its path.

Fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, sick spleen

Pain in the spleen:
Due to blockages in the Solar Plexus that cause insecurity to make mistakes, to make mistakes. One could say that "fear of failure" diverts the energy that should flow through the Solar Plexus to the left side of the body, accumulating over the spleen.

Pain in the liver:
Caused by blocks in the Solar Plexus that cause insecurity with respect to the criticism of others, that is, fear of criticism. In this case the energy that does not flow naturally through the chakra deviates towards the area of ​​the liver causing pain, pressure and pain over that organ.

Damián Alvarez

Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of Year Message. By Damián Alvarez

Happy Year  Earth, Happy Year Humanity, Happy Year full of God
For this New Year I wish
That all humans should approach their heavenly Father,
To sanctify His Name
And that they long for His Kingdom to come to us.

For this New Year I wish
That the Divine Will be manifested on earth and in heaven,
That every living being has enough and necessary to live,
May we forgive our offenders
And may God protect us from all negative energies.

Happy New Year
wishes you
Damián Alvarez

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Message. White Christmas for Everyone. By Damián Alvarez

Damián Alvarez whishes you a really White Christmas

This year I wish for a really white Christmas, where the Mantle of the Flag of Peace envelop us all. This year I wish for a really white Christmas, where light, transparency, purity of heart, sincerity and solidarity are a fact and not just words. This year I wish for a really white Christmas, but that the purity and brightness of snow buds from the hearts of all who consider themselves worthy to be called the Son of God. This Year I wish we all have in mind while we sat at our crowded tables, to the children of Aleppo (babies, children, young people, adults, the elderly), yes, all children at the end, desiring to love and to be loved. This year I wish for a really white Christmas, where the Mantle of the Flag of Peace envelop us all. Damián Alvarez

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lower Stomach Mother. The Solar Plexus Massage. Basic Therapy of Healing System Tinerfe

The system retrieves a Ancestral Healing Treatment Tinerfe
Mother Loss Stomach, Undo Locks on Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Massage (Lower Stomach Mother)


If you are going to give the Solar Plexus Massage (face down), the first thing is that you have prepared chakra oil (2 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary (or vice versa) in 1/2 base oil deciliter).

You apply a little oil on the solar plexus (pit of the stomach) following the movement of chakra, that is, according to the movement of clockwise, but as if the clock were located on your chakra with pointers and numbers out . Then apply a little oil or extends you have in your stomach chakra especially so your hands can slide well.

Lying down, place yourself your right hand on the solar plexus (pit of the stomach) and your left hand on your right hand to press and slide your hands down, for example to the navel, and repeat this movement several times.
Press your hands on your stomach as much as you are comfortable. If you do not find blockages starts again and press a little more but you cause pain or hurt yourself, slowly.
Blockages are noticed as if they were balls, spheres of energy, sometimes even balls. When you feel the guts "you run" sound, it is that the blocks are falling apart.

Move your right hand about 5 or 10 centimeters to the right of your body but just below the ribs, never on them because you can get hurt. Position your left hand on your right hand, press on your stomach and slide your hands to the navel again. Do it repeatedly.

Healing Tinerfe system. Specialists in the Treatment of Solar Plexus

Keep moving your hands clockwise each time 5 or 10 centimeters below the ribs until you reach the hip and no longer have room to work, and doing the same in each shift, that is, sliding his hands repeatedly to the navel from the position under the ribs.

Do the same but on the left side of your body.

Hands down now about 5 centimeters below the first position you did (5 centimeters below the solar plexus) and deslízalas now but a little below the navel. Do the same as in the first series of movements. The massage area is narrowing as going down and getting close to the pubic bone until you have no place to work.

Repeat with need (30 minutes of therapy).

With the "vacuum therapy" (using a "candle of you" on the stomach and placing a small glass on it to cause empty when the candle fire burn oxygen inside the vessel) it would be the same way with hands giving repeated passes down from the first position (on the Solar Plexus (my stomach)) and sliding the glass to the navel. Then you start again and from a position about 5 cm to your right and below the ribs, that is, as with the massage hands. At the end of each pass you lift up the glass a little to "break" the vacuum and the next pass will ignite the candle again and situarás the glass top. So each pass.

Make all the entire series until you reach the pubic bone (30 minutes of therapy).

Do not worry if you feel that the locks are undone, already desaceran, for example when you're sleeping and relaxing, or throughout the day. You may feel flatulence or burp repeatedly.

You feel bad while getting rid energetic blockages is normal. Think you are experiencing the damage caused at the time by the trauma that you caused the blockage. Some symptoms you might be experiencing hot flashes, cold, nausea, weakness in limbs, dizziness, etc.

Damian Alvarez

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Solar Plexus. Symptoms that a Therapist can Balancing in the Chakra

Symptoms in the Solar Plexus are varied and have different Gravity

Do not know anyone who has ever done in the history of mankind, a study on energy symptoms Solar Plexus chakra blocked or unbalanced. This is my own, and I hope to help with this, perhaps as a guide to other therapists or healers not as experienced as me.

In a healing therapy, diagnosis can make the Healer through interaction and energetic resonance between his own energies and container therapy may result in a specific outcome analysis and worthy of serious scientific research.

With respect to the solar plexus chakra, symptoms and early diagnosis is dynamic elapses while the session:

The Patient Contribution to own healing Solar Plexus
with specific oils will help in future therapies

  • First noticeable vibrations in the chakra. Vibrations that move and can be felt physically by the patient. Some even think they have snakes moving around the stomach. Do not worry, they are not snakes but accumulated energy wanting to move. Some people may experience severe pain and the feeling that they have put a "lifeline" to the height of the Solar plexus.
  • After you feel the nervousness in the chakra. Nervousness in the Solar Plexus is what is classically called "ants in the stomach" or "butterflies in the stomach" also nervous stomach. These nerves in the stomach are the cause of anxiety.
  • Later we found the emptied in the stomach. This emptiness is due to energy blockages and not "full" loading the chakra but freeing the stuck energy.
  • After vacuum are heartburn. Heartburn can be expanded from the Solar Plexus to nearby organs such as the liver, but especially cause heartburn that goes up to the throat.
  • After heartburn usually appear energy balls, energy balls. Everyone ever noticed the ball in the stomach not allowed to eat or breathe completely. These energy balls tend to be due to trauma (frights and dislikes) and can be extended to almost heart chakra around the esophagus, that is, by what we call "The Path of Self-Esteem" and the Healers and healers of yesteryear They called it "pimple". 
  • These energy blockages, if they are very strong, can pass through the chakra from front to back (as if someone had stuck a sword) and cause pain in the dorsal part, that is, on the back, and at the height of chakra.

Each of these physical and energy Symptoms also cause
Mental disorders and physical diseases

  • Each ball of energy that undoes the therapist leaves a void in the chakra, which imperatively will have to fill up again, this time with positive energy, if not, the flow will not be naturally from the heart chakra to the sacral chakra to through the Hara Line, but the energy will sink into the chakra treaty. Also, if not loaded chakra, whenever a lock of these features apart, the trend of the energy center treaty will shrink, close on the void, causing more harm than good to the patient.
  • In the end no longer remain in the Solar Plexus but the older blocks, the blocks of old, are the locks that are rolled one by one and not chained and that cost much "get" because they are concentrated and have taken root in the chakra during the passage of time, they are noted as very small hard balls, or like stones. At this time of the therapy is more worthwhile end work and recommend to the receptor therapy that oil solar plexus chakra is applied for one week to go softening the blocks and go out to the surface and undo them more easily so. In my opinion not worth it, when you get to the point of being undoing small blocks one by one, and losing much time.

Until next therapy.

Damian Alvarez
Specialist in the Treatment of Solar Plexus

Saturday, May 21, 2016

What Color it is Happiness

Yellow color. Archetypal energies of Happiness. There must be a reason

Have ever stopped to think, yes, to think, or to wonder: what color is happiness ?. Many will say that happiness has no color, but if you have one. Happiness is the result of a conglomeration of spiritual, emotional, mental, emotional and "physical" positive energy vibrating in harmony.

The energies have a color. The colors are not something you buy at the hardware store to paint your house, but are energy, separation of light in a multicolor spectrum. The different aspects of human beings form a bright rainbow or a gray cloud, so is your life, so are their energies.

Like jealousy, envy, resentment, sexual excitement, hope or any feeling, emotion or mental state, happiness must produce a color, happiness must be an energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

You will never find happiness without a Sun Yellow Radiant behind it

But what depends the happiness of the human being? Assuming that happiness (as I describe it) is inner peace, welfare, peace of mind, then we can know how is achieved according to the human spiritual anatomy and deduce how energy vibrates and produces color.

Also emphasize (though already trodden so many times that has been said) that happiness is not something external, not you the can bring something or someone outside of you. Knowing this, I really can not explain why many people believe that being loved can be happy when "be loved" is something outside. No love, no passion, with love or passion, if you're happy you're by yourself or you're not.

A phrase also very "trite" is one that says "happiness depends on you", and this is, of course, but how to implement it ?. Both feelings, emotions, physical and spiritual feelings we understand with our minds, we understand our Solar Plexus chakra.

Yellow color. The Color of Happiness, the color of the Solar Plexus.

Regardless of what they are positive or negative emotions, feelings, sensations, if our Solar Plexus is healthy understand that reality in a positive, happy way. If, however, our Solar Plexus is fragile, weak, insecure, then no sensation, feeling, emotion will be understood positively by very positive it.

So "we depend" on the health of the Solar Plexus to be happy, and what color vibrates the Solar Plexus chakra when it is healthy and balanced? Totally true happiness color is yellow. It's no wonder that the solar plexus is the Sun of your life, the sun that bathes you happy.

Human beings unconsciously been associated happiness is not the color pink (love) or orange (passion) but the color yellow, the color of the big, strong ego, sure of himself, who knows how to be happy for yourself which it is above the circumstances and lives to enjoy and enjoy living.

Damian Alvarez

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blockages in the Solar Plexus, View Clouded and Headaches

Headaches. They may be associated with Locks on Solar Plexus

Asked by F. G. de Portugal:

Greets, good night

Friends, how are you? pleasure. I'm F. de Portugal. Very interesting your page. Yes, I was born a concern: I have bleary days ago, I think deribó me a headache. The truth gave me as a tantrum and from there I experienced that. What could I do?
Thanks greetings and a hug.

Blurry vision and headaches involves Imbalance Third Eye
They are usually caused by Negative Energy Affairs

Damian Alvarez response:

Hello F.,

If you are blurred vision, they will most likely be outer negative energies to you that you are affecting the eyes.
The view clouds also have the Solar Plexus (the stomach) blocked. The Solar Plexus is blocked because of frights and dislikes. What how the Solar Plexus can affect sight ?, well, simply because the solar plexus chakra is directly related to the chakra of the Third Eye, and it is precisely this chakra with energy that sustains the eyes.

In either case I name you, that tantrum could cause both negative energies and blockages in the Solar Plexus.

If you "bathe / wash" face with sandalwood incense smoke (try not to breathe and not to get in your eyes), you can easily remove these external negative energies to you.

You can also use the quartz crystal called selenite, holding it by hand a few minutes per session over your eyes but without the glass reaches to touch them. Selenite channels amplified light and usually undo the negative energies.

In the Book of Damian Alvarez "The Solar Plexus, the Sun
of Your Life" there are many self-treatments completely effective

If you view clouded because of blockages in the Solar Plexus, then you should go to a specialist in treating Solar Plexus, or often treat yourself Therapist. I recommend my book "The Solar Plexus, the Sun of Your Life", you can get at the following link: http://www.bubok.es/libros/245364/The-Solar-Plexus-the-Sun-of-your-Life

Headache also like it could cause as much trauma as negative energies, but understand that a headache does that you cloud the eye but is a symptom of the Solar Plexus blocked or you have received, created, or you will be sending negative energies.

For now, it is best to not try to have more tantrums. Get a grip man. When you get angry your blood pressure rises and it can cause headaches as well.

One might speculate at length on the subject but with the data you have given me, my diagnosis would be "momentary blindness and pain caused by head trauma associated with frustration and anger relevant".

F. hugs and take care of yourself

Damian Alvarez
Specialist in the Treatment of Solar Plexus