Friday, September 22, 2017

Clean Energy, Healing and Balancing the Solar Plexus with Crystal Therapy

Malachite Clean the Solar Plexus with Crystal Therapy

Malachite, Chrysocolla and Citrine in the Solar Plexus
Act as follows:

Malachite place on the solar plexus for 20 minutes to dispose and absorb energy blockages, then change the Malachite for the Chrysocolla to Balance the Chakra for 20 minutes also, Chrysocolla is finished removing and placing the Citrine on the Solar Plexus for at charge with energy and heal the chakra for another 20 minutes.

Damián Alvarez

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ancestral Treatment of symptoms caused by Energy Blockages in the Solar Plexus

Treatment of stomach gas and heavy digestions

Treatment of Pain in the solar plexus Nausea and Vomiting:
Apply hot fomentation of apple cider vinegar on the solar plexus.
Promotion reheat when cool and reapply.
Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Treatment of stomach gas and heavy digestions:
1 cup water (relatively) Hot
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon honey

Drink slowly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Treatment Ancestral Healing the solar plexus. "Ironing Solar Plexus"


When we speak of plates wing mind we are electric irons, but the plates have been around 3,000 years ago, so do not be surprised at the "ancestral treatment" with an iron. The plates were made with steel rollers that are heated in the fire of firewood. There have been plates with compartment popular coal and iron our grandmothers were heated on the stove.
The "ironing solar plexus" is a technique of ancient healing that was in use until the 60's true that today not heard talk of it, although it would be of great benefit the recover due to the high demand for sick people Solar Plexus.
The treatment can be performed at yourself in the tranquility and safety of your home. Of course that you can also ask any member of his family after giving the instructions, or go to a professional and experienced therapists Healing System Tinerfe

For that need a towel and a not too hot iron is needed.
1. Place the towel over his naked stomach solar plexus and making sure that it completely covers up to the height of the pubic bone.
2. Place a medium hot iron (without burning, little more than warm) on the towel up to the Solar Plexus
3. soft but firm with the iron passes from the solar plexus to the sacrum and start again from above.
4. Heat the plate each time to cool and continue therapy.
The duration of treatment depends on the individual, but what else can exercise. In the latter case it will be the therapist who will end the therapy as directed by the recipient of the "Solar Plexus ironing".
It is supposed to take a few minutes after "ironing" belly, solar plexus blocks begin to fall apart, it will feel like "running guts". Also you feel the "balls" in the "pit of the stomach" are going undoing.
Not only will break up energy blockages in the solar plexus but in the sacrum and also the "way" (Hara Line) between them.
Therapy ends when you are feeling well.
Therapy should be to perform for three consecutive days and at least once a day and more than twice (morning and afternoon).
This therapy has been recovered from oblivion by Damian Alvarez, creator Tinerfe Healing System, which does not responsible of any misuse or misuse of treatment from others. Nor it is held responsible for any incident or accident caused during or after "ironing Solar Plexus". Thus releasing him from liability.
Each person using the therapy, acts of self-will and responsibility. It is perhaps more to say that this treatment should not be applied to pregnant women or young children. As far as the treatment of children extreme caution.

Good luck!

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ancestral technique to heal and cure the Solar Plexus (Solar Plexus Massage)

Ancestral technique to heal and cure the Solar Plexus

I remember when I was little, my mother took me to the house of the healer of turn when I felt listless, with little appetite, too quiet and apathetic to cure me "mothers". Also I remember that most times I had just upset with the above symptoms and of course at home the healer. The classic name for blockages in the solar plexus was then the "ball in the stomach," and the massage technique is called "cure mothers", "cure the knob" pimple cure "" cure Craw. "
They Aromatherapy teaching at the Swedish-Finnish University returned me those childhood memories and the knowledge they already had introduced Aromatherapy "Mother Healing" in the course of Aromatherapy as "Massage the solar plexus." Mine big surprise to discover that the Finnish students knew the technique of "cure mothers", so that massage was well received and successful.
This "massage" technique ancestral healing takes place in the womb of the sick person and the intention is to undo energy blockages in the solar plexus and the "way" (Hara Line) between the solar plexus and the sacral chakra .

The technique is simple and is carried out with both hands, massaging from the solar plexus, supporting both hands on it and sliding firm but gently into the sacral chakra.
The massage is given repeatedly from the "pit of the stomach" to the Holy, trying to find and undo the "ball" in the stomach.
The ribs and hips patient mark the area where work must be done. Massage is always from top to bottom and from the sides towards the center, that is following the line of the ribs without relying on them and directing friction massage to the Sacral chakra.
The massage is usually done in series arcing or crescents and shortening them until you reach with your hands to the pubic bone. So from top to bottom, following the line of the ribs, starting in the solar plexus and changing the hand to hand starting position, rubbing, sliding his hands to the pubis and start again from above but on another start position. The massage is narrowing in the womb, and it is supposed to go down energy blockages and disposing, or massage the area is becoming shorter and closer to the pubic bone as they are doing the series, arches and half moons.
Children with a gentle massage around the belly starting at the Solar Plexus and always rubbing down is enough.
In adults it could first massage with hands and then follow the same system but with what is called "vacuum technology" that once was practiced with a glass and a small candle inside. You places a candle on the solar plexus Therapy container, place a glass on the skin securely candle when the candle consume the air inside the glass the suction effect happen, go slowly sliding glass to the sacral chakra and breaking energy blockages. The vacuum therapy will be immediately after the massage with hands and following the same steps and the same positions as this one.
The ideal time would be massage therapy hands massage 30 minutes and 30 minutes with the glass also, I mean a complete therapy.
I, Damian Alvarez, introduced essential oils and balanced in the "solar plexus massage" to make it more modern, more effective and more professional.
Massage oil to be used shall correspond to the solar plexus and the recipe is as follows:

Base oil (olive) ½ Deciliter
3 drops of essential oil of rosemary
2 drops of essential oil of lemon
(Mix all oils well before the massage).

The massage you can apply it yourself with both hands from top to bottom, beginning in the solar plexus and ending at the Sacro. You will find more easily your energy blockages ("balls in the stomach") and also know how much you have to hit in massage, give him as much depth.

According to the sages of yore for a full balanced solar plexus massage is due to perform three days in a row, I personally think excessive. Perform the recommend massage as much as you need, no more no less. When you feel good massage you not need any more until next clear disgust.

Damián Alvarez

Monday, September 18, 2017

Meditation to charge the Solar Plexus with energy and get power and strength

 Charge the Solar Plexus with energy and get power and strength

Go wing nature and looking for a large tree, a tree that catches your attention. It should be a cedar, an oak, a beech, a spruce or pine big centenary.
Move near the tree back to it.
Put your left hand on the tree at the height of the dorsal part of your solar plexus.
Support your back on your left hand and the tree.
Position your right hand on your solar plexus.
In this position ask God the energies of the tree fill your Solar Plexus with that energy to give you force, strength, undoing all the negative energy accumulated in this and all energy blockages that might be unbalanced.
Close your eyes and feel the energy of the tree comes from your left hand, covers your body and out through your right hand loading of bright yellow sun energy your solar plexus.
Stay in this position for at least 11 minutes but the ideal would be 20 minutes.
Trees are deposits of natural energy from the sun and Earth.
The energies of the tree will enter your body and soul through your left hand and your solar plexus charged vigorous energies, energies of the Sun and the Earth through your right hand.
He thanked God and the tree and all of nature at the end of meditation.

Close to the energies and feel rooted in case of sickness.

Damián Alvarez

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Metaphysical Disease Diagnosis. The Solar Plexus Unbalanced and how it affects the Major Chakras System

 The Solar Plexus Unbalanced affects the Major Chakras System

Energy blockages in this chakra overloaded or weaken the other chakras the energy system.
As the energy does not flow properly, it gets trapped in the chakras that are above him, having an energy overload. So contrary about the chakras that are below, but these with an energy gap. In both cases it is disturbed the smooth operation of the other Chakras, which can cause physical and psychological discomfort, or have symptoms that eventually can lead to a illness.
All first root of any disease can be found in the solar plexus blocked or unbalanced.
This chakra unbalanced trauma (scares and dislikes), envy, jealousy, hatred, etc. others, unbalanced Solar Plexus chakras of other people and witchcraft.
How it affects the other chakras A SOLAR PLEXUS BLOCK

Angry with God
Full body diseases

Negative thoughts.
Psychic stress.
Lack of concentration.
Low memory.
Eye Problems.
Psychic stress.
Mental diseases

Learning problems.
Cervical tension.
Communication problems.
Rota voice.
Developmental problems.

Lung Diseases
Cardiovascular diseases
Nervousness in the Heart.

( Insecurity Pride, Vanity, Pride)
Chronic fatigue.
Digestive problems
Liver disease
Pancreatic Diseases

Sexual problems.
Urinary problems
Lack of energy.

Greed / Avarice.
Fear of theft.
Physical Problems.
Fear of Deception.

Having a balanced solar plexus, is to have faith, confidence, acceptance and appreciation for oneself and this manifests itself physically and bodily health.
The overall health (mental, emotional and spiritual) requires all our energy centers are open and balanced.

(Non-exhaustive list. They could have different interpretations on the same subject).

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Solar Plexus and insecurity. Cause of Disease associated to vital organs

 Insecurity. Cause of Disease associated to vital Organs

We see in the previous article the immense amount of symptoms that created the insecurity caused by the weakening of the Ego because of energy blockages in the solar plexus.
The energy locked in the extremities cause physical symptoms such as muscle aches, ligaments and bone pain.
The emotional, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns were the cause of these physical symptoms and misnamed chronic diseases.
But what about the energy it does not flow through the solar plexus because of insecurity ?.
Explains. The chakras are like filters, strainers and energy. If a particular hole strainer tupe, also a specific energy is not flowing through that hole.
There are different types of energy with different energy frequencies through the body and the human soul. For example, the same energy is not an emotional or sentimental doubt that a mental question.
It could not be otherwise as we experience life thanks to the major chakras and life is multifaceted, therefore the different variants of vital energy are almost endless, and the different feelings, emotions, feelings, etc. forming what is "living".
Thus, as the energy block, depending on the type of insecurity, so it will stop flowing energy needs through the solar plexus, with relevant symptoms produced by that particular energy.
The energy does not traverse the solar plexus because of the insecurity produced by the fear of criticism deviates from its natural path through the Hara Line and accumulates on the liver, later manifest as physical illness.
It is not far-fetched explanation and is not a theory but a fact experienced many times during healing therapies.
Generally are artists (especially painters) who are more prone to criticism and liver diseases. In the past it was believed that liver diseases painters were suffering because of their work with chemicals. We now know the truth.
But not only artists suffer reviews and uncertainties with respect to these criticisms. Any person who lives to prove to his parents that he has succeeded in life may have liver disorders, because they always have the insecurity that produces negative criticism from their parents. If, as in many cases, both parents and children are artists the situation worsens. The child can hardly prove he is a good artist or artist better than their parents, and those parents who will be leading critic of the children.
Instead, the energies of insecurity caused by the fear of failure tend to accumulate on the spleen. First pressure and discomfort then increase over time until some physical illness on that body part manifests feel. The most prone to insecurity due to fear of failure are often those that have long been out of work or those who held the same job for a long period of his life and now need people to switch careers. Individuals with many years of convalescence and now renew their working life can also have this kind of insecurity and the resulting problems in the spleen. Adolescence and age crisis also created some uncertainty regarding succeed or fail in life.
Undefined general insecurity has or may suffer most humans. There are few people on the planet hundred percent sure of themselves. It takes many years of healing and spiritual development to achieve complete security.
The energies that do not flow through plexus chakra blockages that cause insecurity in general not "reach" far away, stagnate under the last ribs, below the lungs.
The retention of negative energy below the lungs can cause pain at first small and minimal breathing difficulties, accompanied perhaps a sore back following the lower line of the ribs. Over time, if the person in question does not heal, the discomfort will lead to serious diseases such as lung cancer or accumulation of fluid in the sacs of the lungs.
Insecurities carry sentimental heart problems and are often experienced as fear. Fear of not being loved, of being alone, to give it up, not having anyone to love, to get sick and die alone (but we have discussed in previous articles fear so we shall not).
Both types of insecurities and associated physical symptoms they can be treated effectively getting good mental and physical health. The therapy will be directed to undo as many blocks as possible in the solar plexus to the vital energy flow through the energy center and not stagnate on the vital organs, while the recipient of the therapy regains self-confidence .

Damaged organs be treated locally, but since the life energy starts to flow naturally, the physical symptoms will only be a matter of time disappear.

Damián Alvarez