Monday, July 13, 2020

The Healing Master's Perfection

The best Teacher in the World is the one who Acts with Love,
hence his Perfection and absence in making Errors

I once wrote that the most perfect person is the one who acts with love, that we must renounce perfectionism and act with love, and acting with love we approach perfection.

Nobody is perfect, but when you work in the "spiritual world", when you are a Healer or help others in their personal and spiritual development, people believe that you have to be in a certain way.

The belief that a Master Healer or Healer has to be in one way or another varies according to the preconceived ideas about it that each individual has.

Many people believe that to be a Healer you have to be a Saint, but not a real Saint, but a Saint according to that person's preconceived ideas, taboos, prejudices, teachings, etc.

The Healer is also a Human being like all the others

According to the beliefs, almost always wrong of each person, what for some is normal, for others it can be outrageous. For example, for some people sex is natural, while for others if you do not live almost celibately you are sinning.

Society, church, schools, etc. they have "sown" the mind and heart of humans with so many ideas that they are supposed to accept as eternal truths that they have almost no place in their minds manipulated for their own thoughts.

People often think with phrases, ideas instilled as truths, without even analyzing if those affirmations or denials imposed during their years of education (all life), are logical truths or not. It has always been said, it has always been known, we are conformists, why analyze and try to corroborate if those “truths” that we have been taught are true or not?

Walking is Demonstrated by Walking, and not by Criticizing.
Come and Walk with me, or "Drop the first stone if ..."

We usually accept what is imposed without question, perhaps due to laziness, comfort or ignorance. We are beings (and the universe too), in constant development. Something that was true yesterday, just as today is shown to be false. The History of Humanity is full of cases and people who have broken the schemes, who have dared to contradict the established, even if it has cost them their "daring" prison or death.

It is assumed that a patient or a student does not think for himself, but thinks according to what the system has instilled in him. Both the patient and the student must free themselves from that wrong education based on taboos and fear, and think for themselves.

I expose the above so that you can see what mistake those who judge Masters of Healing and Healers make. Many believe that Healers must necessarily be vegetarians. Others believe that if a Healer drinks alcohol or smokes, he cannot be a good Healer. Some others, believing that sexuality is a sin, if the Healer is not married, even if he has a partner, or is divorced and married several times, he cannot be a good Healer or Teacher either ...

to think, ...

30 Years Healing and Educating the World

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Aura: Chakras, Colors and Levels

The Aura is not a Line of Colors around the Physical Body
but a Conglomerate of Three-Dimensional Energy Bodies

The levels of the Aura are Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral or Sentimental (this last name is from Damián Alvarez, that is, mine), Cetérico, Angelic or Celestial and Divine.

The chakras do not have the colors that they do. There is an article of mine in this same blog that is titled "The chakras are not as pretty as they paint them" (see link: as-pretty-as-them.html ) that you can read, but the classic colors are supposed to be, except for the heart chakra, which I put as the predominant color pink and not green as most scholars do, they are the colors that predominate in that chakra when it is balanced. 

Anyway, I can tell you that they are the color that predominates in each chakra, for example: in the Solar Plexus the Mental Body predominates, which is yellow and is logical, right? Both the Emotional Body and the Astral Body are made up of different colors, but the Emotional Body is dominated by orange, the color of strong emotions, hence the orange color of the Sacral Chakra. On the other hand, in the Astral or Sentimental Body, the color pink predominates, the color of love, so the Heart Chakra shines with a frequency of light that produces the color pink. So it is with the entire Major Chakras System.

According to your Thoughts, Feelings. and Emotions
will be the Colors of your Chakras and Energy Bodies

Understand that colors are energy as well as feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.,

Logically the color of the Etheric Body should be red, but the Base Chakra gets its color from the red energy that comes from the "Earth Star" and not from the Etheric Body.
The Etheric Body could be said to be like an energetic map, just as the seeds have it, of how the individual is going to be in an adult state, and what the cells use to build it. The color of the Etheric Body has nothing to do with the color of the Base Chakra. Everything that exists in divine creation has an Etheric Body but not necessarily a Base Chakra (example: Quartz Crystals)

There is a relationship between the energy bodies and the Major Chakra System but it does not necessarily have to be a color relationship. Furthermore, the same color can have different frequencies, that is, different shades.

The Energies of the Physical Body are also part of the Aura

Also think that bodies are not lines but bodies, that's why the emotional body (for example) is not formed of an orange line but of clouds of different colors, that is, that it is three-dimensional, and that not only the energetic bodies form the Human Aura (although it is usually said for simplicity) but also part of the Aura are the Major Chakras System, the Minor Chakras System, the Transpersonal Chakras System, the Hara Line, the "Paths between the Chakras", the Nadis System , the Meridian System and of course the electromagnetic energies produced by the physical body, its heat, vibration, etc.

The human Aura is a conglomerate of energies of different frequencies that form a three-dimensional set (According to the sense of sight. The Aura has more dimensions), which is called the Spiritual Anatomy or Anatomy of the Spirit  but which is also formed by energies that produces the physical body. In other words, we could say that the physical body is also part of the Spiritual Anatomy or that the physical body is also energy. Just to differentiate, we usually talk about Physical Anatomy (the one that studies Modern Medicine) and Spiritual Anatomy.

Note that the so-called "Cosmic Bodies" are also part of the Spiritual Anatomy, associated with the Transpersonal Chakras and of which little, to say the least, is known, although much could be speculated about them.

Damián Alvarez's Articles are part of books with copyright
therefore all rights are reserved.

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Tinerfe Healers: Channels of Divine Healing, Healing and Protective Energy

Teachers of the Tinerfe Healing System:
"We are Channels of Divine Healing Energy. We work for God"

Does the healing energy from God maintain its frequency of vibration without being affected by any blockage from the Healer-Therapist?

Of course not, that is why there are good and not so good healers, but it can be seen in another way: The healer will be obliged to channel the healing energy coming from God, therefore, the healer himself will heal, they will leave undoing your own blockages, while healing other people. The more people the healer heals, the healthier they will be and the better they will be.

Also when the healer unlocks a patient's block of a certain frequency, if he / she / he has a similar frequency block it will also undo at the same time.

The healers belonging to the Tinerfe Healing System can be considered good healers since to channel the healing energies they align with the light, (that is, that their lines must be more or less free of blockages), they work conscientiously and diagnose The chakras of the recipients of the therapies with their own chakra systems are supposed to be in better shape than the chakra system of the patients.

I am aware that there are not many good healers in the world, but a rule to differentiate between good and bad healers is not only to see if they lead by example but if their physical manifestation expresses those healing energies that they say it channels.
Healing is not just "putting your hands on people" but life itself: Do we channel positive or negative creative and destructive healing energies to every thought, emotion, feeling, to others or to ourselves?

Just as the Healer is, so will the Healing be

Anyway, the habit does not make the monk. A good healer must work it out: dynamic self-diagnosis, healing, healing meditations, and a good philosophy of life based on love makes the difference between good and bad healers, who although they have taken a course will not understand a single word of what we are talking about.
On the other hand, I can tell you that people with good hearts, those who have a vocation, those who really want to help others, are cleaner channels than those who only work for economic or other interests, that is, who have Fewer blockages and imbalances that can slow down the divine healing energies.

It really isn't easy. I have always said that no one becomes a teacher or healer in a weekend workshop, but if we channeled the healing energies of God without changing frequency because miracles we would do like Jesus Christ, we would be pure light channeling pure light, and we are far from reaching to this, for many therapeutic successes that we may have.

Also to say that, as in any other job, the healer can have his good and bad days, his good and not so good times, completely effective therapies and others that are not so effective. At the end of the day, we are human and staying in perfect balance, calm and having enough strength to give ourselves body and soul, every day, over the years, to physically, mentally and mentally ill people is not an easy task .

Healers Therapists of the Tinerfe Healing System:
"We Heal ourselves to Heal the World"

The important thing is to try every day to be a better person, a better healer, and ask God to give us strength to achieve it.

As an anecdote, I can tell you that I know people who say they are "healers", but their energetic bodies look like atomic bombs of how blocked and unbalanced they are, that is, if you take your child to one of those "healers" then instead of being healed they will make you sicker (to say the least). In these cases it is not that the blocks of the "healer" lower the frequency of the divine energies that they channel, but that they do not channel anything. Their locks are like plugs.

It amuses me when they approach my supposed healers who claim, for example, that all healers get sick, or that healers need other healers to stay healthy. I understand that a healer can get sick like anyone else, even more so if he is treating sick people all day. I also understand that the "healers" have their own blocks but, for me, someone who is called a "healer", at least who has inner peace, if not, it is not.

In the foregoing, it is no longer a question of whether the healer changes the frequency of divine healing energies with his own blocks, but rather, that person is lost and needs a good teacher to teach and guide him, if not, better to change professions.

Damián Alvarez
Creator and Master of the Tinerfe Healing System

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Friday, July 10, 2020

Interaction and Energy Resonance between Human Beings and God (Second Part)

People close to God are the Happiest and Healthiest

How do the Laws of Interaction and Energy Resonance work between Jehovah and human beings?

In other words: people close to God (religiosity apart) are happier, more joyous, more positive, more generous, more kind, more gentle, ... they shine, ... that is, they manifest in their lives the virtues of love in a lighter, easier, more spontaneous way, etc., than people who are far from God. "By its fruits you will recognize the tree"  said Jesus.

People who despise God are often aggressive, grumpy, sick people, without love of neighbor. As an anecdote, and paradoxically, I can tell you that there are atheists closer to God than those who call themselves believers, since some atheists are constantly connected to God while some of those alleged believers only remember him at Easter and Christmas.

The interaction and energetic resonance between God and humans occurs because we are all one, and we are all within and part of the One. Nothing happens in the world without divine light, without life, and we cannot leave creation. . We are within the whole. Think holistically.

Connect to God Consciously. You will be the Light of God

There is no specific way to connect with God, although I know that you want, you are looking for, that answer. The connection with God happens naturally because God is natural and his creation is part of that loving nature of God, but if you want to connect with God in a conscious way to feel better, stronger his Presence and the benefits of His Presence well, knowing that each chakra has seven levels, just by raising your system of major chakras to the divine level because you would be automatically connected to God, you would be light of Light, the reflection of God on Earth, since you would be  "Loving God on all things "  (First Commandment of the Law of God).

Jesus Christ also gave us an idea of ​​global natural interaction when he said "I knocked on your door and you did not open it, I was thirsty and you did not give me a drink, ..."

The Light is light, and if you are a ray of light, then you are also light of the Light and the light formed by the Light, and part of that Light. It is not really that this connection between lives works in any certain way, but it is obligatory. This is life. Without God we would not be able to breathe even once by ourselves.

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We are more than what we are, we are One (Interaction and Energy Resonance between Human Beings). Publication of Damián Alvarez and Beatriz Pallés

Resonance and Energy Interaction between Human Beings

Why do people find it so difficult to understand that we are all one?

"That they may all be One; as You, O Father, in me, and I in You, that they also may be one in Us" (John 17:21)

Thank God and! Finally! Comes to market after more than 20 years of work, our book that talks about Resonance and Energy Interaction between Human Beings.
A book full of experiences, knowledge and wisdom that will help you understand many things that happen to us every day and that Science and Medicine should take into account when diagnosing, understanding and understanding why "what happens to us happens to us" it happens ", from symptoms, illnesses, discomforts, pains .....

Feeling of others is not a novelty, it is a reality that has existed and will exist forever and ever. We feel the good, the bad, the positive, the negative, be it emotions, feelings, thoughts of others and more things that you will discover in this very interesting book. 

We have heard the phrase "We Are All One" ... but why? In this wonderful book you will find the answer.

Why do we have headaches when we talk to a friend on the phone? 
Why do we feel pain in the pit of the stomach when the neighbor comes home?
Why do we feel nervous, dizzy, overwhelmed ... when we are in a shopping center, or in a big city?
Why is our son irritated, angry, since he met his girlfriend?
Why does my chest hurt when I am with my father?
Why do I feel like running away when I enter some sites?
Why does it seem like I'm "going crazy"?
Why do I have liver, kidney or lung pain when I am with my boss?
Why do I feel my whole body trembles, when I eat in a restaurant where everyone is stressed?
Why nobody understands you when you feel things and they don't know how to explain them to you?
... and many questions that you will now understand and understand. It has always been like that, only, you had not been able to explain it or at least you did not have the information. Yes now.

Damián Alvarez and Beatriz Pallés are the authors of this book. You can get it at:

Consigue el Libro "Interacción y Resonancia Energética entre los Seres Humanos" (enlace)de Damián Alvarez y Beatriz Pallés
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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Energy Vampires, Negative People. Complainers or Sick People. Trash Bins or Spiritual Plot against Humanity

Energetic or Needy Vampire. Choose your Answer

Not so long ago, it has been seen, read, heard, in the media, the Internet, social networks, etc., that we must stay away from negative people. Phrases like: "Do not allow others to use your mind as a garbage can", "stay away from negative people", "separate yourself from those who always tell you about their problems", "negative people are energy parasites", "no allow your energy to be stolen ”," those who complain are energetic vampires, etc., etc., etc.

Believe me, those who dare to say such resounding statements consider themselves spiritual guides, religious leaders, scientists, doctors and teachers, and even psychologists. Believe me, those who dare to say such resounding statements consider themselves the brilliant minds, the enlightened minds of humanity.

How sad it is to hear the above! I am aware that negative thinking, complaining, is not beneficial for anyone, but not everyone who complains, complains out of habit or vice (although there could be one). The person who complains is because he suffers. The negative person is, because he is psychically ill, and of course, both of them, they need our help and attention, and not "that we separate ourselves from them."

The Negative person does not choose his Suffering of his own free will

There are several aspects that must be addressed when we talk about this topic:

The emotional or energetic aspect:  A person is negative because he is frustrated, sorry and traumatized. Energetic blockages in the Heart, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, turn anyone into a sad, depressed, sad, bitter and negative being, so we can consider these people to be psychically ill.

A depressed person can impossibly think positively. A traumatized person can impossibly think positively. An impossibly frustrated person will be able to think positively. Negative thoughts, feelings, emotions are just a symptom of a real illness.

It does not help that you say to a negative, depressed, traumatized person, etc., "think positive", because simply a negative, depressed, traumatized person cannot think positive because they are sick, and they do not need words but rather healing.

Do not be selfish. Never abandon those who need your help

The professional aspect:  It amuses me that certain alleged high-ranking psychologists are able to call sick people parasites and energetic vampires. If these supposed psychologists (for me, they are not) believe that we should separate ourselves from negative people, well, what patients do they want to have? Healthy, balanced, positive, happy, optimistic and happy people. Happy people don't need psychologists, hey!

The nonsense or aberration of a "psychologist" saying "separate yourself, stay away from negative people", shows forcefully not only that the psychologist in question needs psychological help, but also that he has no heart. I say the same when the postulates that are addressed are expressed by scientists, religious, spiritual guides, ... It is like a doctor saying separate yourself from sick people, totally absurd!

You would abandon your son if he complained about his suffering ...

The human aspect:  Would you separate yourself from your mother, father or children because they complained or were negative? Would you abandon them in their pain and suffering? Have you never complained or had negative thoughts? What should we do when we have negative thoughts, or complain, according to those people, to kill ourselves?

Understand that the negative person, the complaining person, may just need a few words of encouragement, compliment, a little moral support, a pat on the back, someone who will listen to you and give you a hug or take your hand.

Have we perhaps forgotten about love, empathy, compassion, what really characterizes the human being and differentiates him from the beasts?

Have we not already separated enough from those who suffer, such as the 6,000 children who starve to death every day on the planet, who still want to separate us from our closest ones as well?

… And that tells me of “love your neighbor”, “we are all one and we come from the same source”, “union, solitude, support", "love your enemies". Was Jesus Christ wrong according to those religious leaders, guides Spirituals and psychologists, when he said that every time we helped our neighbor, were we really helping him? Was Jesus Christ wrong when he said that we should love the neighbor's son as well as ours? I don't think so ...

Why Separate ourselves from Reality, why not, better Help

The "spiritual development" aspect:  In these culminating moments of humanity's spiritual development, where the so-called "quantum leaps" seem endless. In these moments in which God wants more than ever for us to realize that we are all one, that humanity and the rest of creation are an indivisible unit, it seems to me of little sense to speak of separatism and discrimination. We all feel of all and as long as there is even one on planet Earth, suffering, we will suffer with it.

Separating ourselves from others because they think, speak negatively, complaining about their hardships seems totally absurd to me, because we have all complained at some time, because we have all been negative at some time.

Understand that every time we separate from someone, we are really separating from ourselves, because we are all, because we are more than independent beings, we are one, with others, creation and with God.

We healers know that many people right now are waking up to the true and only reality exposed ("we are one"). Many people are becoming aware that we are all united, therefore, the one who complains because he suffers, perhaps he is only feeling your suffering in his own body and soul.

Do not leave me. I just needed help to heal you

In my books "Interaction and Energy Resonance between Human Beings", "Breathe Reiki", "The Solar Plexus, the Sun of your Life" and the Sacral Chakra, Passion of Life "(see: / authors / damianalvarez ) I explain in a logical and sincere way how the human being feels and can suffer the diseases, dysfunctions and energy blockages of other human beings, and that all diseases are contagious, at least at an energetic level. I also expose many cases real life itself.

The healing child or healing link (black sheep of each family), who is always sick, who always suffers, who always complains, may very well be a burden on the family. What the family does not know is that thanks to that "black sheep", the family remains balanced, since the healing child absorbs the negative energies that would make the rest of the family members sick if he did not exist. So, then, should we separate ourselves from him or those who feel bad because of our own sufferings and illnesses? Apart from the extreme selfishness that such a procedure entails, who will heal us then?

I do not recommend that you separate yourself from those who complain, nor from negative people. Try to understand that if they complain it is because they suffer, even if we do not see "her cross". Try to approach, help, accompany, listen, console, encourage, ... Try to Love and Heal your neighbor because we are all children of the same God and therefore "soul brothers", "brothers of light".

Mutual help. Divine essence that transcends us, Uniting us

Also don't keep up with those (misnamed) spiritual guides, religious leaders, scientists, psychologists, etc., who advise you to do the opposite of my recommendations. Do not believe anything because it says "a brilliant mind of humanity", try to think for yourself, and thus they will not deceive you, they will not separate you from your brothers.

For me, and I say this with my heart in my hand, those supposed guides and spiritual leaders of humanity, who preach, promoting separatism among human beings, are far from "enlightened minds", rather "dark minds and sick. " There is no spiritual guide, for example, one who puts on a body of a certain color over his body, after having shaved his head. Spirituality is demonstrated with facts and "by its fruits you will know the tree".

Keep in mind that the first people to complain have been those people we are talking about, because they complain about those who complain, and the separatist stance they demonstrate is totally negative.

Do not separate yourself from others, do not dig your own grave, because the day will come when you also need the help of others, and you will find yourself alone.

Do not separate yourself from Nobody, since the others are You. It is Divine Union

Keep in mind also, that garbage is not what a negative person can transmit to you but what certain leaders try to instill in your mind.

Perhaps they are not aware of their words, perhaps they have been manipulated to manipulate, perhaps it is a worldwide plot promoted by forces still unknown, so that the human being weakens in his separation. What is clear is that such nonsense is at the height of Hitler's philosophy, so do not be complicit, because in the end they will blame your decisions only on you. Remember, nowadays, it is often heard that the fault of the World War II massacre was not Hitler's, but that of us who allowed it, likewise, they will blame you for the spiritual massacre that is "sewing" "and" cooking ".

Do not allow anything, or anyone, to separate you from others, let alone put that scandalous idea in your head. One of the first things that I usually teach my students is  "everything I try to separate does not come from God" , but if you still doubt my words, remember the following from Jesus Christ:  "That they may all be One; like You, oh Father , in me, and I in You, that they too may be one in Us "(John 17:21)

PS Anyone who believes that the feelings and emotions of a human being, whether positive or negative are garbage, if it is garbage (he needed to say it).

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