Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reiki Initiation through the Hands

very practical when we should initiate sick people in bed

The Master of Reiki must place his Hands on the chakras of the hands of the vessel of Initiation (hands of the vessel "palms up").
•      Sentence
• Open to Energies (mentally)
• Protect the Place (mentally)
• Load the Place (mentally)
• The Master will send the Reiki energies from his hands through the hands of the Initiation vessel to his Heart chakra, then he will move them up the Hara Line to the Soul Star (Visualization method).
• Beginning of the Soul Star will be done through the Visualization Method.
• Repeat the previous process of sending the Reiki energies through the hands at each step of the Initiation.
• The affirmations will be said so that he hears the vessel but in a low voice
• Separate from Energies (mentally)
• Close to Energies

Effective and very practical when we should initiate sick people in bed, terminally ill, in hospitals or handicapped who cannot sit in a chair.
Also Perfect method when you want to maintain discretion, whether in a Hospital, Psychiatric Center or another place where many people are.

* The technique of "Reiki Initiation through the Hands" is a discovery of Grand Master Damian Alvarez.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Bestsellers of the Tinerfe Healing System, now in English in the E-book Kindle version

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

What happens during a Reiki Initiation?

The Kasual chakra is initiated with Reiki to spiritualize the mind

During a Reiki Initiation the Teacher makes a Protection Prayer to protect himself and protect the future Reiki Practitioner, and Protect the Place from negative outside energies.

He opens the Reiki Energies, charges the place with the Reiki Energies and begins to work with the Initiation.

Open the Hara Line of the vessel of Initiation.

He activates the Soul Star and opens / starts the Crown chakra, connecting it to the Soul Star.

Connect the chakras from the recipient's hands to your Crown Chakra so you can channel divine energy.

The Third Eye, the Heart chakra and the chakras of the hands are initiated so that the vessel can channel healing energies through the Imposition of Hands.
Then join the chakras of the hands to the Heart chakra so that the new Reiki Practitioner can channel love to the Solar Plexus so that he can give of himself and the Third Eye so that he can direct the healing energies with the thought.

The Kasual chakra is initiated to spiritualize the mind.

It ends with a "Final Blessing" to protect the Initiation and charge the Aura of the Initiation receiver with protective positive energy. Guide you on the "right path"

There are usually three initiations to reinforce the ritual and a fourth as an eternal seal. It starts for life.

* The above explanation of the Reiki Initiation is the work of the Great Reiki Master Damian Alvarez.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reiki Healing by Intuition

Apply the hands  where you "feel" that the patient needs healing

First inform that the "Positions of the Reiki hands" to perform a full frontal / dorsal body therapy is believed to have been a Western invention, since most American and European people had no notion about the spiritual anatomy , that is, they did not know the System of Major Chakras, the Hara Line, the Transpersonal Chakras, the Aura, etc.

It is also believed (and I am writing "I believe" because I am not one hundred percent sure of it, since I have not researched it on my own) that in Japan only the positions of the hands on the major chakras and healing by intuition.

Also say that "Positions of the hands of the head of Reiki" are perfect, since it is very difficult by intuition to give healing to the head in a practical way.
To make a therapeutic session Reiki by intuition should be:

Alternative 1:
• First, do the "Reiki Hands Positions of the Head" (Eyes, Temples, Ears, etc.) to connect / tune to the energies of the patient.
• Second, apply the hands (always the two hands) where you "feel" that the patient needs healing. Change hands position as much as you feel and want.
Alternative 2:
• First, make the "Positions of the Chakras of the Reiki Healing System of Master Damian Alvarez" (Chakra Heart (two hands, one on the other), Third Eye / Solar Plexus, Throat / Sacrum and Sacrum / Base) to connect / tune to the energies of the therapy receiver.
• Second, place your hands where your intuition "dictates" you on different parts of the patient's body for as long as you think necessary.

Intuition healing therapies usually last for about 45 minutes but can be prolonged as long as you wish, although more than 90 minutes of therapy may be uncomfortable for the patient.

The patient will remain in the supine position throughout the therapy. I do not recommend "back-handed positions," since it is very unpleasant for the therapy recipient to turn around in the middle of therapy when he has really started to relax. Also the elderly or with some illness or physical dysfunction would have very difficult to turn on the table.

It will work with the energies of the level in which the Reiki Therapist has been initiated and according to previous knowledge.

The Therapy is completed with the Balanced (Third Eye-Base (Pubic Bone)) and Grounding in the feet.

Damián Alvarez

Friday, November 10, 2017

Psychic Reiki Healing. Distance Healing in the First Level of Reiki

Work at a distance in the First Level of Reiki

In the First Level of Reiki we do not teach healing energies to work at a distance, but we can practice what is called "Psychic Healing", although such practice requires a relatively large mental effort and good concentration.
• Healing Prayer (specify patient's name and address)
• Hands on High
• Send "Cho-Ku-Rei" (symbol) in groups of three (repeat corresponding mantra also 3 times each symbol that is sent) to the container of healing energies as bubbles of light that will envelop you completely.
• Keep Hands High during the 20 Minutes of the healing session
• Close the Energies (arms crossed on Solar Plexus) at the end of therapy
During Psychic Healing the same protections are required (cho ku rei cube, cho ku rei protection bubbles, etc.) and energetic cleansing (cleaning with sandalwood incense at the end of therapy) than in present body healing.

Psychic Healing can be combined with "Visualization Method" as long as you can visualize the recipient and wrap it in "Cho-Ku-Rei Bubbles"

* The technique of "Reiki Psychic Healing" is a discovery of the Great Master of Reiki Damián Alvarez

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Vital Mission as Reiki Healer

Becoming a Professional Reiki Healer is a Vital Mission

Becoming a Healer is no easy task. The main thing is that you feel the "inner call", that is, you have vocation. To be a professional Healer requires a lot, but a lot of vocation.

The profession of Healer is the most difficult that exists, although the most beautiful. Not only will you practice as a Healer, but also as a Teacher, Life Guide, Priest, Psychologist, friend and even as "father" and "mother" of your patients. To say that it is always a pride to be able to say: "I work for God".

You also need a vocation to study all those topics that interest you in the field of therapies and diagnoses. You can study and learn throughout Life. You will also need vocation to practice your profession. You will find many tests, they will come against you, they will try to take away the idea of ​​the head and the vocation of the heart. But be yourself or yourself, "fight" with ardor and do not succumb to trials, The tests are to overcome them and to learn and become strong. They will also prove your faith: Your faith in God, in yourself, in others, in life and in love. Never forget that God has many enemies and always, always, always, will try to stop you.
Keep in mind also, that you will work with "sick" people and that love is the best of "medicines". Remember that you must love yourself also to have strength to work as a Healer and never be afraid to express the truth, even if such an attitude makes your "friends" your enemies (enemies of God too).

You should also be able to communicate with your patients and perhaps with other therapists. Always put yourself up to the person you're talking to so I can understand you. Do not use very technical words with people who do not understand them. Communication is precisely for that, to communicate. You do not use anything "talk very nice", if nobody understands you. In this case the communication does not exist and you will be throwing your time and your energy and that of the others in the trash.

Courage, you will need a lot of courage to cope with the changes that are happening in your life as you develop spiritually. You will have to face radical changes in regard to your integrity, honesty and love, and accept them.

Listen to your intuition, listen to your inner Self and follow it wherever you want to lead. Do not doubt, have faith. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you feel tired, etc., etc. Live like a child, live like your inner child. Be aware, chances are you're always right. No one better knows what suits you.
Listen to the "messages" that your Soul (feelings, emotions, mind, heart, etc.) constantly sends you to guide your life as a Healer. Have faith and strength, cultivate the Virtues of the Heart and get rid of fears, taboos, prejudices and other "hoaxes" that try to "get off" the spiritual path. Approach God and "walk" with Him. Listening to the "messages" of your Soul will make you happier, healthier and more balanced.

Be like a child, believe and be happy. Let yourself be led by God and yourself and become a great Healer.
Always remember: "That no one agrees with you does not mean that you are not right."
But do not forget to respect the "free will" of others. Do not be selfish, do not demand, just love. Be yourself, but always allowing others to be themselves.

 Try to educate anyone who really wants to free themselves from their old erroneous teachings and develop to become like you into a great Healer and thus, you will automatically become a Great Teacher and Life Guide.

Damián Alvarez