Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Yawning and Reiki. Different Types of Yawning. Different Types of Negative Energies

Yawning during Reiki Therapies usually happens

Although we should not explain that we do not mean yawns of boredom or sleep, it is good to be clear.

Yawning during Reiki Therapies usually happens in a normal but unconscious / automatic manner by both the Healing receiver and the Practitioner or Reiki Master. Another thing is to yawn consciously to release negative energies in the body and soul of the patient by the Healer / Therapist or Healing Master, as do those educated in the School of the Tinerfe Healing System.

Explain that we yawn during Healing Therapies and at any other place or time (Healing is life), to undo negative energies outside the human soul.

The negative energies outside the human soul can be divided into:

• Witchcraft (negative energies consciously directed to cause damage to body and soul of another person)
• Jealousy, envy, hatred, rancor, rage, etc. (negative energies directed towards the soul of the victim of unconscious form, commonly denominated "evil of eye")
• Blockages and energy imbalances that absorb our soul from the blocked and unbalanced soul of other people.
• Negative energy of "sick" places, animals and plants that absorbs our soul.
• Negative energies of unbalanced planetary elementals (commonly called "bad air").
• Witchcraft should be undone with many small / short yawns. Removing too much negative energy at the same time could cause us to yawn so heavily that our brain literally explodes causing us, for example, a stroke or thrombosis. It could also happen that the energy blockage was so large and difficult to transmute that it would be stuck somewhere in the Reiki Practitioner's organism such as the lower part of the lungs, heart, back or head causing much pain and discomfort. Psychic attacks "framed" within witchcraft.
• Today, there is a new type of negative energy that is sent by inexperienced Reiki Practitioners who do not respect or do not know the "Reiki Ethics and Morals" and direct energies (supposed to be healing) "without ton. are "to anyone who comes to them without respecting the" free will "of other human beings. Reiki practitioners or teachers who are stressed, very nervous, off-center, unbalanced, blocked, and / or very sick should not apply any therapy to another person.

Grudge, anger, hatred, envy, etc., is usually undone (usually) easily and quickly by an experienced professional, naturally yawning and tearing.

The blockages of negative energy in the Chakras System of a human being because of the contagion (by Interaction and Energy Resonance) with other sick people. They are usually easily healed / undone (of course yawning), if the Healer / Therapist knows the Human Spiritual Anatomy, knows how to do a Metaphysical Diagnosis and work with specific energies in each chakra. That yawning yawn is really nonsense if it is not done specifically, accurately and concisely, and it is the Healer / Therapist who directs the release and transmutation of negative energy. If you do not run the risk of never knowing who is healing who and what is healing.

The energy absorbed by the human soul from diseased places, plants and animals, as well as "airborne disease", is also relatively easily eroded if the Healer / Therapist knows basic Healing techniques such as: "Santiguados", Protection and Healing Bubbles "," Healing Prayers and Protection "," Prayer, Singing and / or Speaking in Tongues ", Energy Cleansing with Incenses, Essential Oils and Oils, etc., etc.,

To emphasize that the ease or difficulty of undoing and transmuting negative energies depends on the charge and potency of that negative energy, that is, its magnitude. I do not recommend beginners (for me, all Practitioners and the great majority of Reiki Masters are beginners) to enter the world of undoing negative energies, because they could take more of a fright. If the Healer / Therapist does not undo the negative energies, they would possess it, and never better. The tendency of negative energies is to stick to the first thing they encounter. In addition, it is through your soul that the Healer / Therapist undoes those negative energies, otherwise, absorb them, becoming sick. Keep in mind, that if you perform many therapies, sooner or later you will also find well-wrought witchcraft and possessed people, having to engage in a full spiritual battle.

The negative energies (even if it seems strange) received by inexperienced Reiki Practitioners and Teachers and " all shapes" are treated like witchcraft

The damage caused by negative energies in the Chakra System or other parts of the soul and body of the affected person will have to be undone through "belching".
Coughing and sneezing can also accompany yawning in strong releases of negative energies.

After a "yawning session," sighs can occur ("spiritual orgasms", Damien Alvarez's name), proof that stagnant energy has been eliminated and the natural energy flow of body and soul has begun to circulate normally.

Tears are only a side effect of yawning.

Damián Alvarez

Monday, February 19, 2018

Reiki and Yawning. Adverse Side Effects During Reiki Therapies

Yawn during Reiki therapies  undo negative energy

It is clear that when we yawn during Reiki therapies or other Healing Systems we undo negative energy from the Healing receiver's body and soul, but we must be very careful when we yawn and be always aware and fully aware throughout the session.

One of the worst things that can happen to a Practitioner or Reiki Master during Reiki Therapies is that he or she encounters negative energies without expecting it, that is, unforeseen. The magnitude and concentration of negative energy accumulated in a patient's organ or chakra must also be taken into account.

It often happens that the energy blocks caused by negative energies outside the person treated are ancient, weeks, months and even years ago, therefore they are literally buried in the chakra, so they are not identified but as an act after the energetic cleansing of the chakra.

The yawns that can cause damage to the Reiki Therapist follow below:

Repeated yawns: They can cause jerking, "cramping", contractions, in the jaws, other parts of the face, neck and lungs.

Long, yawning yawns: They can disengage the jaws and leave the lower jaw immobilized.

Tears of yawning: They can cause excessive stinging and blind the Reiki Therapist, (at least momentarily, although it often happens for long periods of time) because of the large amount of salt that is removed with tears.

Strong yawn caused by witchcraft or other "powerful" negative energies: Not only will the therapist's jaws unravel, but if he catches it unguarded the floating ribs will be lifted above the upper ones leaving him immobilized and uncontrolled. But that is not the worst, but the physical damage and pain caused by the floating ribs when they go back down to their place of origin. The pain in this case can last for weeks.
A strong yawn may also cause contractions in the lower back and hips, paralyzing the Healer.

Yawning of the Chakras: When we undo strong energy blocks (yawning) from the Chakra System, we do not really yawn with our mouths and lungs but with our own chakra system. We yawn with the chakra from which we release the blockage and can affect our own chakra in a negative way, especially to the dorsal part.

Brain Yawns: I call them brain because the energy released is stagnant in the head and / or brain of the Therapy recipient and when we release them with yawn it can cause great pressure in the Therapist's eyes and in the brain (it seems like that the brain will explode), to such an extent that it could cause a stroke or any other problem in the head of the Reiki Practitioner or Master, as could be severe headaches.

I as an experienced Master Reiki Master, I recommend that Healers take it calmly, relaxed, be alert, do not try to remove all the blocks at once, do not "let loose" the yawns, that the control, limit, cut them. The yawn can become so large that it can literally become an energy bomb that we cannot control and cause us much damage. Try to learn to cut the energy block and gradually remove it with small yawns. Note that when yawning has gathered strength and is on its way to being ejected, then there is no going back.

Damián Alvarez

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Reiki, Belching, Cough, Yawns, Fart, ... Different Types of Energy Liberations

Belching, yawning, wind, coughing, sighing,
are different types of energetic releases

We have already explained in previous chapters that belching, yawning, wind, coughing, sighing, etc. are different types of energetic releases that can happen during Reiki Therapies and other Healing Systems both by the Therapist and the Therapy recipient. Now let's explain them in detail.

Yawning: They release negative energy from third parties, whether they are witchcraft, thoughts, emotions, negative feelings of other people or absorbed by people groups and / or places.

Belching: They release energetic blocks and energy concentrations that are causing damage, imbalance and / or illness in the body and soul of the Therapy recipient due mainly to traumas, pains, frustrations, external negative energies and their corresponding symptoms.

Cough: Release energy blocks and strong negative energies. They mostly follow after a series of loud yawns. They also undo blockages in the Throat chakra and / or Heart chakra. Keep in mind, however, since chakra expels the cough. The cough that accompanies colds and common flu usually comes from the Sacral chakra, Solar Plexus, or Heart chakra in case of Pneumonia.

Sneezes: Release surface energy blocks in the entire Chakra System or the lower chakras, as the "path" of energy expulsion requires more force. They can also undo blockages in the Heart chakra independently of the rest of the chakras.

Fart: They unload energetic blockers in the lower chakras, that is, Sacral chakra and Base chakra. They can also undo energy blocks in the Solar Plexus if they are associated with emotions (Sacral chakra).

Hiccup: Really only a symptom after energetic releases and does not undo anything.

Screams: Really only really are strong and long "belching".

Sighs: Need to undo energy blockages (short and continuous sighs) or symptom after deep energy releases and flow of energy (long and pleasant sighs ("spiritual orgasms"))

Crying: Release energy blocks in the Solar Plexus (deep crying) and in the Heart chakra while healing it.

Laughter: Release energy blocks in the Solar Plexus chakra, providing a feeling of euphoria and well-being.

Really laughter and crying are "internal massage of the Solar Plexus" (Damián Alvarez's name, see his Book: "The Solar Plexus, the Sun of your Life").

Damián Alvarez

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Reiki and Yawning. Energy Releases During a Therapy

With the yawn we undo the negative energy in body and soul

The yawning of the Reiki Therapist releases (supposedly, if not from himself), negative energy into the body and soul of the Healing receiver, but not all negative energy releases are equal.

The questions are: what negative energies, where, from where, why, how long, ...?

When the Reiki Therapist or other Healing System does the "Prayer" to connect to the Healing Source, that is, to God (to speak plainly) and direct the healing energies that channels to the receiver of Therapy, the vibrating level of its energies, undoing the negative energies that are around the patient, that is, in his Aura (understanding as Aura in this case, the part of the energetic bodies that surpass the dimension of the physical body), yawning. They could be called the generalized early yawns of the Healing Session.

The following negative energies that the Therapist will release will be those accumulated in the head, brain, eyes and face (areas prone to the accumulation of external negative energies such as the so-called "evil eye", Receptor Therapy This cleansing energy is also made yawning and although it usually happens automatically can be done consciously, especially when the patient complains of headaches, itchy faces or eye problems. experienced can quickly capture them by "Energy Resonance".

In the legs, especially knees down, are areas of the physical body where a lot of negative energy accumulates. Note that even negative energies have a very low vibrational frequency. The Reiki Practitioner or Master who is applying the Therapy will also have to undo them with yawning.

The most complicated, though not difficult, is to find the negative energies buried in the Major Chakra System or internal organs of the patient's physical body. Note that energy accumulates in layers in chronological order in the Chakra System, and the negative energies thus absorbed, infected or inculcated (witchcraft) in the body and soul of the patient may be many years old. The most rooted ones are the most difficult to eliminate and of course yawning.

The most common human body and soul places where we can find negative energies are feet, legs, Aura, head, brain, face, lips, eyes, major chakras and internal organs.

Hate, envy and fear of other people directed towards another are strong negative energies that usually accumulate in the Heart chakra, physical heart and under the lungs of the recipient, also affecting the Solar Plexus. Anger, anger, rage often accumulate in the Sacral chakra and Solar Plexus of the person receiving them.

Witchcraft, on the other hand, is usually found in specific places, according to the effect desired by the sorcerer or sorcerers in the body and soul of the victim, and these would be (generalizing): Back (witchcraft: "stab in the back), Plexus Solar (witchcraft: "Mooring of Solar Plexus"), eyes (witchcraft "blindfold"), Throat chakra (witchcraft: the hangman's rope "or" nail or knot in the tongue "), (witchcraft: "do not go out") right groin (witchcraft "everything goes wrong"), Hu-yin point or chakra Base (witchcraft: "there you die"), etc.

It is also to emphasize that negative energies are usually accumulated, whether they are consciously directed or not by others, and thus are directed in a generalized or specific way, in the weak points of the recipient of such energies, as they could be an organ affected by disease, already unbalanced chakra or any other weak point of the person in question. All these negative energy clusters are always yawning.

But what is yawn? The yawn is that: "a gift from God to Humanity". With the yawn we undo the negative energy accumulated both in our body and soul, as in the body and soul of other humans, animals, plants and even the environment.

To point out that we do not yawn with tiredness, but with yawn we release those negative energies that are producing fatigue

Neither you do not know or you cannot yawn consciously try to "Align with the Light" (The "Healing Meditation", form of therapeutic and diagnostic breathing (Damian Alvarez) See: "First Level of Spiritual Healing System" of the same author). Start using the "Protection Bubbles" in your Therapies, whether they are light or charged with energy Reiki, Karuna Ki, etc. Also address God with your prayers of healing and protection and not the universal energies of light, saints, ascended masters, angels and / or planets. If you ask God you will know where the healing energy comes from and channel the highest energy, because just by connecting to Him it raises the vibrational frequency of your soul and thus undoes the lower frequency energy automatically.

Damián Alvarez

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reiki and Belching. Energy Releases During a Healing Therapy

Reiki Healers burp to release energies, energy blocks
and not gases produced by digestion.

The "belching", to be called in some way, that happens during a session of Healing, whether it be Reiki or any other therapeutic and / or healing method, has nothing to do with the common burps of digestion.

Healers burp to release energies, energy blocks and not gases produced by digestion.

But why, from where, what work is done, what happens when the Reki Practitioner or Master "belches" during a Therapy, Remote Healing, Initiation or any ritual where the healing energies are involved?

Generally, belching releases accumulated energy in the Solar Plexus from the healing vessel, and is done consciously (Tinerfe Healing System) or unconsciously (Reiki Healers or other Systems, and Receiver of Therapy).

Become aware that the Solar Plexus is the central chakra of human physical life. The mental body (associated with the Solar Plexus) is used to understand feelings, emotions, events. Also with the Solar Plexus (ego) we connect to all other human beings in our life.

On the one hand we have the traumas (scares and dislikes) that block and unbalance the Solar Plexus, and on the other hand, blocked and unbalanced Solar Plexus of the human beings to which we connect, not forgetting witchcraft and all kinds of negative energy directed towards our body and soul.
All trauma (blockage in the Solar Plexus) is always associated with a penalty (blockage in the Heart chakra) and / or a frustration (blockage in the Sacral chakra), so that energy blocks can be undone by "belching" both of the Solar Plexus , Heart chakra as Sacral chakra.

We can explain it better: When we unlock a block in the Solar Plexus can drag the associated chakras of the Heart chakra and / or chakra, and can make the Therapist a correct diagnosis according to which chakra draws that energetic release the Therapist. Also, by direct relationship between the chakras, a blockage in the Sacral chakra may be associated with a blockage in the Throat chakra and a blockage in the Solar Plexus may be associated with a block in the Third Eye, whereby locks can be released energetic in both the Third Eye and the Throat Chakra "belching."

But it is not there, but "burping" also blocks the blockages in the Hara Line between the chakras.

Energy blocks can also be released into the internal organs of the human body to which these chakras (presumably now blocked) are energized, so that "burping" can heal diseased vital organs. Of course, the main block (root) of all disease is in a chakra. But when we release energy and diagnose (Law of Resonance) consciously, we can release blockages or accumulations of energy (cause of disease) of the diseased organ.

I, personally, can undo, release, transmute energetic blocks, consciously, even the brain, heart, lungs, etc., of the receiver of the Therapy.

With respect to the negative energies received, absorbed or infected from / by the blocked Solar Plexus of other people or witchcraft, they are released yawning if they have not yet caused damage (blockages, imbalances, diseases) in the patient's Solar Plexus. In case they had already caused damage to the Solar Plexus, other chakras and / or associated organs, then they would release "burping".

Note that the Healer, mostly "burps," releases energy with the Solar Plexus, so it follows that the Solar Plexus is the best healing "tool" available to a good Healer ("Only a soul can heal another soul. "Damián Alvarez). Hence the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced and strong Solar Plexus at all times.

Damián Alvarez

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Reiki and Cough, Sneezing, Snorting, Sighing, Ventosities. Energy Releases during a Healing Session

Other sound manifestations that occur in the Reiki Healing Sessions

Burping and yawning are the most common energy releases during Reiki Therapies or other Healing Systems, as we have seen, but there are other sound manifestations that occur in the Healing Sessions, both by the Therapist and by the Receiver. the therapy.
The cough releases energy blocks mainly from the throat chakra but could also release stagnant energy in other chakras, just be aware of which chakra is coughing. Do you cough with the solar plexus, with the sacrum, ...?
We can see colds as a good example that helps cleanse the body of toxins, but the cough that accompanies colds, also clears the blocked energy chakras. In the same way that during a Healing Session we can identify from which chakra we cough. Does your lower back (Sacral Chakra) or your stomach (Solar Plexus) ache from coughing, or perhaps just coughing in your throat (throat chakra) and / or chest (heart chakra).
    Coughing is also present at the end of strong negative energy releases through yawning, such as witchcraft. This happens because the body / soul of the Therapist / Healer needs as an extra help to expel negative energy that can not be released only by yawning.
    The cough not only heals the throat chakra, but also any physical symptoms or illness already manifested in the Healing receiver, such as coughing, throat itching, throat itching, throat infection, thyroid, etc.

Burping and yawning are the most common energy releases during Reiki Therapies or other Healing Systems, as we have seen, but there are other sound manifestations that occur in the Healing Sessions, both by the Therapist and by the Receiver. the therapy.
   Snorting :
Snorts are just a variation of yawning. There are therapists who "ha" or "b" are incapable of yawning by releasing the negative energies that have absorbed the receiver of Reiki Therapy with snorting. Other Healers, on the other hand, interweave yawns and snorts. Snorts if they are strong can also cause heavy tearing.
Sneezing is an uncommon energetic release during Reiki Therapies or other Healing Systems but they often happen. The fact is that almost never sneezes only once when it happens, but several times in a chained way. Sneezing releases energy blocks mainly from the Heart chakra (chest area and physical heart) but some sneezing could release stagnant energy throughout the Chakra System and Hara Line, meaning that such energy release could drag energetic blocks from the Sacral chakra to the throat chakra.
Sighs, as we have already reported in other articles, is only proof that energy has begun to flow naturally through areas, which may have been blocked for a long time, and do not undo stagnant energy in the soul of the Therapy Receptor . They usually happen after a long series of yawns and / or belching. The sigh (spiritual orgasm, as I call it) is the "gift" that the soul gives to the body or perhaps vice versa, when it feels finally released. Sighs are pleasurable and do not require effort. Rarely, energy blocks are sighing, but sometimes the Healer will have to sigh, when dealing with people who find it difficult to breathe deeply, as if the sighs of the Practitioner or Reiki Master help the patient to breathe better.
Keep in mind that some ethics, etiquette and decorum should be carried out during Healing Sessions. It could be, that once isolated, both the Therapist and the recipient of the Therapy escaped a fart, but not usually.
On the other hand, if you can say that the winds through the anus release energy blocks, especially the Sacral chakra. Women who are imbalanced or blocked by the chakra, perhaps because they are going through the menstrual cycle, or men who have a direct relationship with women with menstruation, should expel those energy blocks via the anal.
During personal healing and intimacy, you can expel those energies that cause us physical pain in the lower abdomen in a natural way without disturbing anyone, with the early improvement and pleasant feeling that we have been freed from "something" that was detrimental to our body and soul. Some people feel so much pleasure in venting that they make a face of happiness as if they had been awarded the Nobel Prize.

People with problems in the bladder, peritoneum, prostate, ovaries, etc. also often feel very relieved to expel the "gases" through what is commonly called "fart".

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Reiki and Dizziness, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Cold Sweats, Chills, Vomiting and Colic

Reiki Therapist does not know or cannot undo energetic blocks
through belching and yawning in the Chakra System of patient

Some symptoms that both healing and Reiki Therapists may experience are because the presumed Reiki Therapist does not know or cannot undo energetic blocks through belching and yawning (mainly) in the Chakra System of patient.

    Keep in mind that when we channel healing energy, not only do we connect to the receiver of the therapy through the hands, but also with our entire chakra system, as in any relationship, although in a Therapy the connection is still stronger.

    Today, even many Reiki Practitioners and Masters believe that healing energies are only channeled through the hands, in fact, the definition, often of Reiki (not Damian Alvarez, of course) is as follows: Channeling healing energies by imposition of hands ". Far from reality, healing energies are channeled through our entire spiritual anatomy, especially the major chakras and the major minor chakras.
When the Practitioner or Reiki Master begins a Healing Session connects his / her Senior Chakra System to the patient's Chakra System. The Healing Therapists of the Tinerfe Healing System use this energy connection to diagnose and heal the patient's chakra system, something that Reiki Practitioners and Masters ignore.

When the Reiki Therapist cannot undo / release energy blocks in the patient's Solar Plexus, whether through belching and / or yawning, then the Solar Plexus unbalanced and / or blocked the Therapy receiver, unbalances and / or blocks the Therapist's Solar Plexus, causing nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, and finally vomiting and / or colic. Note that it could also happen on the contrary, ie, that the Solar Plexus of the Practitioner or Reiki Master would be so unbalanced that it would unbalance the patient's Solar Plexus, causing nausea, stomach pain, etc.

An experienced Healer would never be able to vomit because he would undo the energy blocks that attempt, by direct connection with the patient's Solar Plexus, to unbalance his own, or in other words, because the Therapist would heal the Solar Plexus of the Therapy receiver with his own Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus of the patient could so unbalance the same chakra of the Therapist that it could also affect other chakras, especially the anterior and posterior and the Third Eye (by direct relation (Solar Plexus / Third Eye, Ego / Alter Ego) , causing dizziness in this case.

Other symptoms that both the patient and the Therapist may experience during a Healing Session (in this case Reiki), would be weak (limp) arms and legs, cold sweats and chills. These symptoms are due to the debilitating effect, which causes energy blockages in the Solar Plexus as they rise to the surface of the chakra, in the physical body.

It is not fancy, it is not exaggeration. If you practice the Reiki Healing System often, I'm sure you'll give me the reason, if not publicly, if you're mortified. You and I know that what I am writing is true, even if you do not wish to acknowledge it. A patient may have the Solar Plexus so unbalanced that it could cause even diarrhea to the Therapist for days. In fact, I know Reiki Practitioners and masters who spend half their lives sitting in the bathroom ...

Damián Alvarez