Thursday, July 20, 2017

Solar Plexus Blocked and psychic and Physics Deformation of the Human Race

Physics Deformation of the Human Race

The first symptoms of an unbalanced or blocked Solar Plexus are nausea, indigestion, pain and heartburn, gas, bloating the pressure below the ribs and back pressure on the liver and pancreas, constipation, cramps, dizziness, headache, mental tension, anxiety, anguish, fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, low self-esteem, sense of failure.
The energy must flow, life must flow through us. When we block the energy of life two things happen:
First, the energy has to go somewhere. Second, some organs and body parts were left without power.
Have you not seen how many people exist today in our society with the inflamed stomach? Every day more and more the "skinny fat" thin people with huge bellies, people who seem to be in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Proudly calls "beer bellies" are just bellies are crying that heal, deformed bellies, sick bellies, bellies full of fears, insecurities, complex ....
The human body is being deformed because of energy blockages in the solar plexus. The vital energy does not flow to support specific organs naturally accumulates, stagnates, is blocked in the stomach causing inflammation of the stomach.

To make matters worse, the Solar Plexus weak and lacking energy trying to cover the energy deficit by absorbing energy from the solar plexus of other people, who also have their solar plexus sick and causing sickest bellies, bellies higher.
Many will say that one cannot laugh schadenfreude and of course I do not, just try to inform and educate because there is help to heal the "beer bellies".
It is a fact that the human body is sick inside and out. Inflamed, tense, full of gas, acidity and heartburn, ulcers bellies. Bellies that produce vascular diseases, back pain, anxiety, palpitations, anxiety, respiratory problems and "steal" self-love, self-esteem and safety to humans are diseases that do grace.
What if it's funny is that people take for granted all the above symptoms as normal, natural, when it is not in either aesthetic or health degree and also that all that suffering can be avoided with healing therapies, education and guide of life.

If you do not want to have your swollen belly, if you want to eat without heavy digestions, if you realize that your belly is a nuisance and not something to be proud of, then remember that therapists of Healing System Tinerfe specialize in Healing Solar plexus.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Blockages in the solar plexus. Interaction and Resonance Energy. Energy vampirism. Potential healers

Interaction and Resonance Energy. Energy vampirism

The human being consists of a physical body superimposed seven energy bodies that make up what is called Aura. A major chakras system directly related to the seven energy bodies with which we experience life.
Each energy body sustains a vibrational aspect of man. For example: The emotional body is composed of emotions, passions, the astral body is composed of feelings like love.
All human relationships are power relationships. Feelings, thoughts, emotions are energy, no doubt about it.
Whenever two human bodies relate an energy interaction occurs between them, an energetic interaction between the vibrational bodies.
In all relationships there is at least an energetic connection and would be the connection between solar plexus and solar plexus. A relationship between the "I" (Ego) and the "I" (Ego) of the two people involved in the relationship. Energy connection throughout an energetic interaction occurs and therefore an energetic resonance.

With only Sacral chakra we connect with people who want sexually or which have grudges, anger, etc. With Lonely heart chakra we connect with the people we love, we are embarrassed, etc., but with the solar plexus chakra we connect with everyone, with all human beings.
Today we live (I regretfully) in a traumatized world, a world of sick people. There is someone who is completely healthy if they are not some good teachers and therapists healers. People get sick, grow old, become depressed, become violent, they are not happy because they are healthy, of course.
Note, then, that any person with whom you interact will be a relationship with a sick person. The know or do not know does not matter, your solar plexus always connect to the solar plexus of the other person and vice versa. Your Solar Plexus Solar Plexus heal the other person or the solar plexus of the other person sick yours.
The relationship, interaction and resonance energy not always have to be physical, it can happen over the phone, via email (internet) or only with someone else thinks of you or dream you.
Given that the vast majority of people have blocked or unbalanced Solar Plexus greater or lesser degree, the solar plexus of others affect your own solar plexus negatively.
Energy Vampirism consciously or unconsciously always happens. If you have a healthy, strong and balanced Solar Plexus Solar Plexus other human beings "want" your healthy, strong and balanced energies, but you probably will feel bad because they absorb your strength, vigor and zest for life, hence the importance the "Solar Plexus Energy Protection".
A good healer should always have a Solar Plexus in the best possible conditions is a challenge because the solar plexus heal others and much vigor and strength needed to stay balanced.
If when you meet a certain person nauseous feeling, dizziness, you enter colic, it hurts, you burn and you inflames the stomach, if you feel discomfort in genral, you feel nervous, you feel shame, and many more, think these symptoms are energetic and are of the person you met and not yours.
Become aware of reality. They have taught us without words what you feel is yours. It is not, anything that you feel is yours. Let me explain: The diseases do not come alone nor God commands. If five minutes ago you had the stomach well why now when you meet your friend feel nauseous? If when you wake up in the morning you have the flat stomach you why it is swells whenever you visit your mother? Why do you go every time colic when Peter comes to your house? Why do you feel dizziness, nervousness and reluctance when you get your job? Why do you feel despair every time you walk into that store? Why makes you want to vomit when Luisa calls you to tell you their troubles and heartache? ..
Become aware, sees reality. Everything that you feel (if not felt before) is not yours, is caught energy from the solar plexus ill of others.
Nor think you're going crazy or crazy if you already can just have a coffee at any bar or go to a department store or sitting at the table five minutes at lunch because you feel "everything". You feel the other is not yours, it's likely you're healing all others and you're a / One Healer / a potential, a "Link Healer" of your immediate family, your group of friends, co- work, etc.
Always remember that you're not going crazy / crazy, there is an explanation for everything. Chances are you're healing your whole world and without realizing it. Sure they have labeled you are rare or uncommon living off your energy.

If that's the case goes to a Healing System Master Tinerfe, because you're probably Healer / ay can learn to heal, protect and understand the reality around you.

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blockages in the Solar Plexus caused by jealousy, envy, resentment, anger, ...

Blockages in the Solar Plexus caused by jealousy, envy, ...

Jealousy, envy, resentment, etc., is powerful negative energy that can cause much damage. The difference between this type of witchcraft and negative energies imposed from outside is perhaps the aggressor is not aware of the damage being done to the victim and do not consciously but automatically.
In this case sending negative energy also has a fundamental role education has received negative energy aggressor. The attacker automatically reacts spontaneously, impulsive, with feelings, emotions to negative life events. The negative reaction is based on complex, insecurity, low self-esteem, low self-worth, frustration, etc.
Sending negative energy to another person causes blockages and imbalances in the solar plexus of the victim but also the aggressor. The assailant to be connected to form attacked energy (mental, emotional, sentimental) suffer as much as the victim.
Thank God that this shipment of negative energy does not cause as much damage as witchcraft but can be passed very bad times, cramps, nausea, heartburn, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nervousness, fear, insecurity, etc.
In fact many people dare to say that envy is evil of XXI century.
The Solar Plexus discomfort caused by the thoughts, feelings and negative emotions of others directed towards you can easily heal without an experienced it reaches without unbalancing other chakras become manifest as physical illness Therapist.

He is commonly called "Evil Eye" is not a myth. If you feel bad for no apparent reason go to a healer / therapist, there is specialized help.

Damián Alvarez

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Solar Plexus unbalanced or blocked due to trauma. Negative or Positive Education. Love or Fear. Health and Disease

Negative Education. Solar Plexus unbalanced

Solar plexus understand the reality. We do not traumatize the reality that we do not understand. We understand the reality acquired through education and experience. We have been educated in a negative way, so our experiences tend to be mostly negative.
Solar Plexus understands reality negatively because of this negative education he has received so traumatized lives. Fear has been the basis of negative education. The Solar plexus is traumatized because of that fear.
Frustration, disappointment or anger unbalances the Sacral chakra, but there is frustration, disappointment or anger without trauma. For there is a frustration we have to understand and understand the Solar plexus is traumatized.
Likewise there is no shame, heartbreak, loss without trauma. To suffer a shame we have to understand and understand the Solar plexus is traumatized.
The negative fear-based education is what makes the Solar Plexus understand reality in a distorted way causing pains and frustrations and the corresponding associated trauma.
Just with a positive education based on love could understand reality positively, with love, avoiding penalties, frustrations and traumas course.

Based on the traumas (blockages in the solar plexus) are the root of all disease, then with a positive education, an education based on love we have never sick.

Damián Alvarez

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Solar Plexus blocked or unbalanced. The Root of All Disease

Solar Plexus blocked. Root of All Disease

We have said above (article) that the root of all disease is the fear the opposite of love, then how can we now say that the root of all disease is in the solar plexus sick? Only a literary question, or expression.
The root of all disease first always find in the solar plexus and the first cause of all disease is fear.
Traumas are the blocking and energy unbalance the solar plexus, and of course the cause is fear.
Four factors traumatize humans. Understand that trauma blow means, in this case a blow to the stomach, in the solar plexus.
The traumas are due to shocks and dislikes, to witchcraft, negative energy is sent unconsciously (jealousy, envy, etc.) and energy interaction with the solar plexus sick of other human beings.
Energy blockages in the solar plexus chakra do not allow life energy to flow naturally from the Hara Line from "Soul Star" to "Earth Star" which weakens energy overload or other chakras.
Because energy is not flowing properly trapped in the chakras that are above this (heart chakra, throat chakra and the third eye chakra), causing a power overload. So contrary about the chakra that is below the solar plexus, but this with an energy shortage because the life energy does not pass through the solar plexus to the sacral chakra. In both cases it is disturbed the smooth operation of the other chakras.
The Sacral chakra is related to the throat chakra to which unbalance over time. The Solar Plexus has a direct connection with the Third Eye, which will also become unbalanced. The crown chakra and the base chakra will remain isolated from the rest of the System of Higher Chakras also thrown off-balance.
Knowing that the root of all disease is the major chakras system and root imbalance Major Chakra System is in the solar plexus, then we conclude that the first root of all disease is in the solar plexus.
Therefore a healthy person is the person who has a healthy solar plexus. Impossibly you might spot a sick person, so be it spiritually, mentally, emotionally, emotionally and / or physically ill with the Solar Plexus Sano.
So the best way to treat a sick person is treating him the solar plexus.

We also conclude that maintaining healthy and balanced solar plexus because we have never sick.

Damián Alvarez

Monday, July 10, 2017

Blockages in the solar plexus. Most common general symptoms

Swollen Stomach. Blokages in the Solar Plexus

Swollen Stomach
Stomach ache
Lack of coordination
Poor Appetite
Chronic fatigue
Blurred sight

If you have one, several or all of the above problems visit to a therapist of Tinerfe Healing System, and need not repent.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blockages in the Solar Plexus caused by witchcraft. "Solar Plexus Moorage"

Solar Plexus Moorage

Sorcerers, connoisseurs of Spiritual Human Anatomy (paradoxically doctors do not know anything about it), know that the strength of the human energy of their solar plexus (the Sun of Your Life). Well, smart like sorcerers also know that canceling the solar plexus of a particular human being canceled altogether, sooner or later ail mental, spiritual and physical level.
The most common classic witchcraft is often called "Tie up the Solar Plexus". With such witchcraft is attempted first eliminate the ego of the victim, which will cause fear, insecurity, shame, apathy, apathy, negative thoughts, etc ... Over time the solar plexus blockade imposed from outside will unbalance the chakras before and after causing anger, aggression, resentment, anger, frustration (sacral chakra), low self-esteem, depression, anxiety (heart chakra), etc., etc., etc. ending with physical illnesses that begin with gastrointestinal, cardiovascular passing and the reproductive and urinary system.
Eventually the entire human body, also find his soul affected by witchcraft.

The only way to undo a spell as the "Solar Plexus moorage " would be through therapies such as those carried out as therapists Tinerfe Healing System, with healing energies destroyed, apart, would remove the blockade from outside.

If you suspect witchcraft please consult with a teacher or therapist of  Tinerfe Healing System. You will not regret.

Damián Alvarez