Monday, November 11, 2019

Chakras and physical bodies. Spheres of Creation, Transcendence and disembodiment Dimensional World

The know Conscious People living in a multidimensional world
and not in a three dimensional world but is embodied in a body

Yes, as it regards the human and spheres of creation, yes. We say this because we know that after the disembodiment left behind, abandoned, chakras and "physical bodies", simply because we need them as purely spiritual beings. For this reason the "physical chakras" I have termed the "physical" way

The etheric body (chakra Base), the Emotional Body (sacral chakra), and the mental body (Solar Plexus) you no longer need the disembodied human being. No physical body without physical life three dimensional no need to eat, drink, toileting, etc., we need passion, sexual desires or other worldly desires, we need not linear, logical, or mind, our ego.

It is logical, scientific. When we cross the threshold astral retain our ability to creative planning and development (Cetérico Body, Throat Chakra), our alter ego (heavenly body, Third Eye), and our divine essence (Divine Body, Crown Chakra).

There are other spheres of creation apart from the three-dimensional world
After disembodiment we remain conscious beings individualized, creative, loving, divine, but our being in that then transcends us irremediably because we no longer have an ego that separates us from others, we no longer live for ourselves but live for everything and everybody.

Worldly labels like "father", "mother", "son", "nephew", "uncle", etc., disappear in the spiritual life precisely because we no longer have these chakras / physical bodies that separated us from the others in the earthly life. And only we would all be equal spiritual beings created in the image and likeness of God but disembodied.

Humans also unfolds his spiritual soul, through love, to form a physical body and to have an earthly life as a spiritual being incarnate. Hence the chakras and physical bodies necessary to live on the planet. Just as it is up is down, absolute perfection of the Creator, not "walk by halves" and leaves nothing to chance.

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