Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Solar Plexus and Evasion Methods

Methods of Escape created them not to feel how bad we are

There are two types of "Methods of Escape":
One is aware as could be the refuge in drugs or alcohol to forget the pains, or as a person "working hard not to stop and think, to feel, to see if that happens my misery" he said.
The other "method of avoidance" is totally unconscious but does so much damage to the body, mind and soul of being as do drugs and alcohol: exhaustion, stress, excessive sex, overwork, the world fantasies.
"Methods of Escape" created them not to feel how bad we are. They are unaware that if they were aware not serve us as "Methods Evasion" because we would know that we were using and then we would know it would be to escape from our sufferings as we are interested not feel that suffering, then we want to know, for that they are unconscious.
"Methods of evasion and whether conscious or unconscious are just symptoms of sick people, people with the Solar Plexus unbalanced or blocked, people with psychic pain, people who do not feel well.

He thinks that however much you try to evade never make it yourself, just anger "casting days ago" and meanwhile the symptoms become more pronounced. You think also need ever stop, stop, feel and perhaps that do not hold more day and explode in doubts, insecurities and existential despair to the point you get to kill yourself as a last resort.
One of the "Methods of Escape" conscious popular all time was suicide, and "conscious madness" "and it is no more". Do not come to such an end.
We often think that drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill or people who kill themselves are bad people, but it is not. People who take drugs or kill themselves probably are potential healers with a very important mission in the world (although they do not know) who think they cannot take such great discomfort they are feeling (perhaps others).
Many potential healers have ended in misery as vagrants, beggars, etc. maybe because you were healing to you, but they did not know and thou despised because you knew you were not healing.
People who use the "Methods of Escape" are only "weak" people with proper education in the art of healing and life would go forward perhaps better than any other "normal" person.
Do you use any "Avoidance Method" of those in this article or perhaps several?
Do not despair, sit, try to relax, feel. Do you feel anguish, anxiety, fear, worry, nervousness, your feet want to run? Do you feel stress and mental stress? Do not move Do you want to mourn, to cry, vomit, feel nausea? Do not worry.

Only become aware that everything you feel are just symptoms associated energy to your solar plexus unbalanced or perhaps blocked and can easily heal. These energy symptoms if not the sound will lead you hopelessly extremely serious physical, psychic and mental illness. So the best thing you could do is go to a therapist / healer belonging to Tinerfe Healing System and perhaps you also have the luck and privilege to be healer, a Light worker, a Warrior of God, and you ... I've been missing.

Damián Alvarez