Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Solar Plexus unbalanced or blocked due to trauma. Negative or Positive Education. Love or Fear. Health and Disease

Negative Education. Solar Plexus unbalanced

Solar plexus understand the reality. We do not traumatize the reality that we do not understand. We understand the reality acquired through education and experience. We have been educated in a negative way, so our experiences tend to be mostly negative.
Solar Plexus understands reality negatively because of this negative education he has received so traumatized lives. Fear has been the basis of negative education. The Solar plexus is traumatized because of that fear.
Frustration, disappointment or anger unbalances the Sacral chakra, but there is frustration, disappointment or anger without trauma. For there is a frustration we have to understand and understand the Solar plexus is traumatized.
Likewise there is no shame, heartbreak, loss without trauma. To suffer a shame we have to understand and understand the Solar plexus is traumatized.
The negative fear-based education is what makes the Solar Plexus understand reality in a distorted way causing pains and frustrations and the corresponding associated trauma.
Just with a positive education based on love could understand reality positively, with love, avoiding penalties, frustrations and traumas course.

Based on the traumas (blockages in the solar plexus) are the root of all disease, then with a positive education, an education based on love we have never sick.

Damián Alvarez