Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lower Stomach Mother. The Solar Plexus Massage. Basic Therapy of Healing System Tinerfe

The system retrieves a Ancestral Healing Treatment Tinerfe
Mother Loss Stomach, Undo Locks on Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Massage (Lower Stomach Mother)


If you are going to give the Solar Plexus Massage (face down), the first thing is that you have prepared chakra oil (2 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary (or vice versa) in 1/2 base oil deciliter).

You apply a little oil on the solar plexus (pit of the stomach) following the movement of chakra, that is, according to the movement of clockwise, but as if the clock were located on your chakra with pointers and numbers out . Then apply a little oil or extends you have in your stomach chakra especially so your hands can slide well.

Lying down, place yourself your right hand on the solar plexus (pit of the stomach) and your left hand on your right hand to press and slide your hands down, for example to the navel, and repeat this movement several times.
Press your hands on your stomach as much as you are comfortable. If you do not find blockages starts again and press a little more but you cause pain or hurt yourself, slowly.
Blockages are noticed as if they were balls, spheres of energy, sometimes even balls. When you feel the guts "you run" sound, it is that the blocks are falling apart.

Move your right hand about 5 or 10 centimeters to the right of your body but just below the ribs, never on them because you can get hurt. Position your left hand on your right hand, press on your stomach and slide your hands to the navel again. Do it repeatedly.

Healing Tinerfe system. Specialists in the Treatment of Solar Plexus

Keep moving your hands clockwise each time 5 or 10 centimeters below the ribs until you reach the hip and no longer have room to work, and doing the same in each shift, that is, sliding his hands repeatedly to the navel from the position under the ribs.

Do the same but on the left side of your body.

Hands down now about 5 centimeters below the first position you did (5 centimeters below the solar plexus) and deslízalas now but a little below the navel. Do the same as in the first series of movements. The massage area is narrowing as going down and getting close to the pubic bone until you have no place to work.

Repeat with need (30 minutes of therapy).

With the "vacuum therapy" (using a "candle of you" on the stomach and placing a small glass on it to cause empty when the candle fire burn oxygen inside the vessel) it would be the same way with hands giving repeated passes down from the first position (on the Solar Plexus (my stomach)) and sliding the glass to the navel. Then you start again and from a position about 5 cm to your right and below the ribs, that is, as with the massage hands. At the end of each pass you lift up the glass a little to "break" the vacuum and the next pass will ignite the candle again and situarás the glass top. So each pass.

Make all the entire series until you reach the pubic bone (30 minutes of therapy).

Do not worry if you feel that the locks are undone, already desaceran, for example when you're sleeping and relaxing, or throughout the day. You may feel flatulence or burp repeatedly.

You feel bad while getting rid energetic blockages is normal. Think you are experiencing the damage caused at the time by the trauma that you caused the blockage. Some symptoms you might be experiencing hot flashes, cold, nausea, weakness in limbs, dizziness, etc.

Damian Alvarez