Saturday, May 28, 2016

Solar Plexus. Symptoms that a Therapist can Balancing in the Chakra

Symptoms in the Solar Plexus are varied and have different Gravity

Do not know anyone who has ever done in the history of mankind, a study on energy symptoms Solar Plexus chakra blocked or unbalanced. This is my own, and I hope to help with this, perhaps as a guide to other therapists or healers not as experienced as me.

In a healing therapy, diagnosis can make the Healer through interaction and energetic resonance between his own energies and container therapy may result in a specific outcome analysis and worthy of serious scientific research.

With respect to the solar plexus chakra, symptoms and early diagnosis is dynamic elapses while the session:

The Patient Contribution to own healing Solar Plexus
with specific oils will help in future therapies

  • First noticeable vibrations in the chakra. Vibrations that move and can be felt physically by the patient. Some even think they have snakes moving around the stomach. Do not worry, they are not snakes but accumulated energy wanting to move. Some people may experience severe pain and the feeling that they have put a "lifeline" to the height of the Solar plexus.
  • After you feel the nervousness in the chakra. Nervousness in the Solar Plexus is what is classically called "ants in the stomach" or "butterflies in the stomach" also nervous stomach. These nerves in the stomach are the cause of anxiety.
  • Later we found the emptied in the stomach. This emptiness is due to energy blockages and not "full" loading the chakra but freeing the stuck energy.
  • After vacuum are heartburn. Heartburn can be expanded from the Solar Plexus to nearby organs such as the liver, but especially cause heartburn that goes up to the throat.
  • After heartburn usually appear energy balls, energy balls. Everyone ever noticed the ball in the stomach not allowed to eat or breathe completely. These energy balls tend to be due to trauma (frights and dislikes) and can be extended to almost heart chakra around the esophagus, that is, by what we call "The Path of Self-Esteem" and the Healers and healers of yesteryear They called it "pimple". 
  • These energy blockages, if they are very strong, can pass through the chakra from front to back (as if someone had stuck a sword) and cause pain in the dorsal part, that is, on the back, and at the height of chakra.

Each of these physical and energy Symptoms also cause
Mental disorders and physical diseases

  • Each ball of energy that undoes the therapist leaves a void in the chakra, which imperatively will have to fill up again, this time with positive energy, if not, the flow will not be naturally from the heart chakra to the sacral chakra to through the Hara Line, but the energy will sink into the chakra treaty. Also, if not loaded chakra, whenever a lock of these features apart, the trend of the energy center treaty will shrink, close on the void, causing more harm than good to the patient.
  • In the end no longer remain in the Solar Plexus but the older blocks, the blocks of old, are the locks that are rolled one by one and not chained and that cost much "get" because they are concentrated and have taken root in the chakra during the passage of time, they are noted as very small hard balls, or like stones. At this time of the therapy is more worthwhile end work and recommend to the receptor therapy that oil solar plexus chakra is applied for one week to go softening the blocks and go out to the surface and undo them more easily so. In my opinion not worth it, when you get to the point of being undoing small blocks one by one, and losing much time.

Until next therapy.

Damian Alvarez
Specialist in the Treatment of Solar Plexus