Saturday, May 21, 2016

What Color it is Happiness

Yellow color. Archetypal energies of Happiness. There must be a reason

Have ever stopped to think, yes, to think, or to wonder: what color is happiness ?. Many will say that happiness has no color, but if you have one. Happiness is the result of a conglomeration of spiritual, emotional, mental, emotional and "physical" positive energy vibrating in harmony.

The energies have a color. The colors are not something you buy at the hardware store to paint your house, but are energy, separation of light in a multicolor spectrum. The different aspects of human beings form a bright rainbow or a gray cloud, so is your life, so are their energies.

Like jealousy, envy, resentment, sexual excitement, hope or any feeling, emotion or mental state, happiness must produce a color, happiness must be an energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

You will never find happiness without a Sun Yellow Radiant behind it

But what depends the happiness of the human being? Assuming that happiness (as I describe it) is inner peace, welfare, peace of mind, then we can know how is achieved according to the human spiritual anatomy and deduce how energy vibrates and produces color.

Also emphasize (though already trodden so many times that has been said) that happiness is not something external, not you the can bring something or someone outside of you. Knowing this, I really can not explain why many people believe that being loved can be happy when "be loved" is something outside. No love, no passion, with love or passion, if you're happy you're by yourself or you're not.

A phrase also very "trite" is one that says "happiness depends on you", and this is, of course, but how to implement it ?. Both feelings, emotions, physical and spiritual feelings we understand with our minds, we understand our Solar Plexus chakra.

Yellow color. The Color of Happiness, the color of the Solar Plexus.

Regardless of what they are positive or negative emotions, feelings, sensations, if our Solar Plexus is healthy understand that reality in a positive, happy way. If, however, our Solar Plexus is fragile, weak, insecure, then no sensation, feeling, emotion will be understood positively by very positive it.

So "we depend" on the health of the Solar Plexus to be happy, and what color vibrates the Solar Plexus chakra when it is healthy and balanced? Totally true happiness color is yellow. It's no wonder that the solar plexus is the Sun of your life, the sun that bathes you happy.

Human beings unconsciously been associated happiness is not the color pink (love) or orange (passion) but the color yellow, the color of the big, strong ego, sure of himself, who knows how to be happy for yourself which it is above the circumstances and lives to enjoy and enjoy living.

Damian Alvarez

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