Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Metaphysics of the Solar Plexus. Direct Derived Symptoms of Solar Plexus Blockages

Metaphysics of Symptoms Associated with Sun Plexus Blockades
Insecurity in all its Aspects

Metaphysics of direct symptoms derived from blockages in the Solar Plexus:
Apart from the usual physical symptoms we can feel from blockages and imbalances in the solar plexus chakra such as pain in the chakra, heartburn, inflammation, feeling of emptiness, nervousness, nausea, anxiety, pancreatic problems, Etc., I have discovered throughout my career towards where it is directed and where it accumulates energy that does not flow through the blocked chakra causing pain first and then diseases in that area. Pain in the heart: The pains in the heart, if not due to interaction with people suffering from cardiovascular diseases or caused by the conscious sending of negative energies from the outside, that is, witchcraft, are usually due to two factors: one is fear, Another "the need to feel loved or loved". The two symptoms named above are "side effects" of the blocked Solar Plexus. The energy that does not flow through the Solar Plexus from the Heart chakra to the Sacral chakra literally bounces back into the Solar Plexus accumulating over the physical heart zone

Fear, bad habit that causes Cardiovascular Diseases

Anguish: Also due to blockages in the Solar Plexus and "path" between Heart chakra and Solar Plexus ("path of self-love"). Yes, the anguish is due to that insecurity that does not allow us to love each other. In this case, the energy of love that does not accept the Solar Plexus (ego) from the heart cahkra bounces from the Solar Plexus and rises directly along the Hara Line causing oppression and chest palpitations, arrhythmias and tachycardia, and reaching up to The throat chakra, where it produces a suffocating sensation of suffocation. Pain under the ribs: Blockages in the Solar Plexus that produce general insecurity. Energy that does not flow through the Solar Plexus accumulates in the lower part of the lungs, extending many times along the last ribs from the chakra to the back and up the side of the spine up to the neck, clear Is causing pain in the area or areas where it accumulates in its path.

Fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, sick spleen

Pain in the spleen:
Due to blockages in the Solar Plexus that cause insecurity to make mistakes, to make mistakes. One could say that "fear of failure" diverts the energy that should flow through the Solar Plexus to the left side of the body, accumulating over the spleen.

Pain in the liver:
Caused by blocks in the Solar Plexus that cause insecurity with respect to the criticism of others, that is, fear of criticism. In this case the energy that does not flow naturally through the chakra deviates towards the area of ​​the liver causing pain, pressure and pain over that organ.

Damián Alvarez