Friday, January 15, 2016

Summary of Spiritual Healing Session

Clean Energy before the healing session with Incense

1. Ventilate the room where you will be working with fresh air.
2. Clean the room of negative energy with incense sandalwood, cedar and / or Salvia.
3. Alignment with the Light. Become self diagnosis and relax.
4. Ask protection for you and the person receiving the therapy

The Healer will "listen" the Patient with  body and soul


1. Find out why the patient has to come to you.
2. Ask an energy scan while talking so that we can make a preliminary diagnosis.
3. Tips and Life guide

Healing takes place through Minor and Major Chakras


1. Measure the pendulum (in case you need) state that the chakras are patient with the pendulum.
2. Alignment with light
3. Send the healing energy through the feet of container Therapy (first position of the hands)
4. Channeling light and sound (mantras and colors) according to the positions of the hands (chelation of chakras). Remember that the lower chakras of the feet, knees and Centers of Abundance (groins) are associated with the base chakra. No. 1 (feet the whole body) and the balanced position is always done with white light and the mantra Aum. The roots with red light and the mantra Lam.
5. Healing of specific body parts.
6. Balanced
7. Aspire energy through the patient's feet for this "re" (Grounding, Grounding).

Latest step in a therapy: Give thanks to God and Rest


1. Take a glass of water and offer another patient.
2. Final diagnosis.
3. Living Guide, advice, warnings and recommendations.
4. Close the energies, disconnect patient.
5. Clean negative energy working the room with incense of sandalwood, cedar and / or Salvia.
6. Thank God
7. Rest


Damian Alvarez
Specialist in Spiritual Healing