Friday, October 16, 2015

Meaning of Colors. Orange Colour. The Color of the Sacral Chakra. The Color of Passion

Meaning of Orange color. Active Life, Full, Passionate

Dawn of a new day to be no end.

The Orange is the color of passion, but not only of sexual passion derived from the libido, but also the passion for life. The passion of infatuation. Falling in love with himself, God, work, your partner, the planet, the universe.

Passion creates, it develops. Kundalini energy sleeps only momentarily in your soul, waiting for the wake and apply it to every moment and situation of life. Kundalini energy is an infinite flow, never ends and the more you use, the more you approach it becomes more powerful.

Orange rejuvenates, gives strength, vigor, strength. It is creating and maintaining power.

This color activates our life, filling it with optimism, creativity, willpower, desire for fulfillment and sexual stimulation.

Governs the circulatory system, so it has a lot to do with sexual stimulation, but also all the stimuli of life. Blood is life, life has to move, the blood must flow, life has to circulate.

The Orange color, the Color of the most Passionate Emotions

Orange Colour. Living Passion. Warm emotions.

The orange color, like balances the sex drive too and abuse of work as active and encourages lazy people in any form, charging them of vital energy.
It is the color of artists, creators and other painters, sculptors, gardeners, gentlemen / as cleaning, etc.

It is also the color of the fiery passions of eroticism, sensuality, desire, sexual attraction, of conquest, of gallantry. It is the force that causes two people approach each other to create new lives and meanwhile enjoy life.

The orange color also balances our emotions, eliminating the frustration, despair, impatience, exhaustion, anger, resentment, anger, of our lives.

The orange color does not create vice, duty or for money, created to be done, to feel good about yourself, to enjoy. Orange color is the perfect which impels us to create by God and for God and enjoy it through personal satisfaction. It is the color of the original creators, and it can be treated to all the frustrated people living plagiarism and never feel entirely made because they are considered incapable of creating something new for themselves.
The orange color is the energy that drives our ideals come true.

Orange. Sexual and Emotional Freedom. Dreams Uninhibited

Orange. Uninhibited dreams. Enjoy Life.

Therapeutically Orange color is used to treat diseases associated with all organs of elimination from the body as the adrenal and kidney, bladder and entire urinary tract.
You can also successfully treat all conditions of the reproductive system and circulatory system.
This color can be used to charge the energy reserves of the body and revitalize convalescent.
The Orange is effective in the treatment of emotional paralysis and depression, and that infuses to live. But beware !, the orange excess can alter the nerves and cause irritability, anger and states of excitement or hyperactivity as nymphomania, stress, anxiety, destruction, etc.

Metaphysically, the color orange is the dawn of a new day full of many things to do. It is a cheerful color, full of zest for life, full of joy, full of passion to discover and enjoy. The Orange is "still bathed in the sun Moonlight," "has not yet begun the day but I will not ever end." The color that gives strength to our emotions and emotions behind our energies. It is the color of "what we know is waiting for us" and we will get if we actually put a little bit of passion.
Friends furtive, uncertain adventure, erotic dreams openly, uninhibited enjoyment ...

Groups hope to improve the world working actively and selflessly. Creators themselves and helpers of the less graceful but with the same right to be happy. Helpers of God on Earth, creators of their lives ...

Damian Alvarez